Sarah Jio’s book has March in the title, so we thought it’d be fitting to make it my book club’s March pick. I finished The Violets of March quickly in at the beginning of February {I’m trying to read ahead before the babies’ arrival}, but I had held off on posting my review until after our meeting {& then I forgot & this post got misplaced in the shuffle}.

I was late to my book club on the night of the discussion {& missed all the book talk}, but the overall thought of the book was blah. There wasn’t a long passionate discussion. No one loved it that much. I’m sure a few ladies spoke out about really disliking it.

As usual, I didn’t *hate* it {it takes a lot for me to hate a book}. But I did think it was kinda predictable & yet unlikely. I wasn’t obsessed with any one of the characters. I wished we’d heard more on some & less on others.

I did love the scenery of Banbridge Island: the beaches, little restaurants, & plants. That made me wish for a beach getaway spot & grateful that I have one with my grandparents on OIB.

Would I recommend The Violets of March? I guess so. If you wanted a fluff book that wasn’t exactly ‘chick lit’ but still one you didn’t have to think too deeply about.