Saturday, I spent the day in ready-to-paint chill clothes & didn’t take a photo. But I did snap these photos Sunday afternoon.

{hand-me-down Gap maternity top & Motherhood jeans}

How far along? 26w

Maternity clothes? Yes. I love that I’m wearing a mix of maternity hand-me-downs from friends & maternity or old clothes of my own. Makes me smile thinking of my friend as I put on a top or jeans each morning.

Weight Gain? Was up 25 lbs as of a couple weeks ago & I haven’t weighed myself since.

Stretch Marks? Ok. So I’m admitting that the small red dot that appeared a week or so ago on my right side & hasn’t gone away & has maybe even grown a little, is probably the beginning of a stretch mark. Another welcome to the multiple mommy club?!

Sleep? I’m getting used to never sleeping for more than 2-3 hours at any one time. We try to go to bed by 11 but it’s sometimes midnight before I’m asleep. I usually get up around 230 & 530 to pee & then the alarm goes off at 7a. Guess just another ‘getting ready for infants’ sign.

Movement? Yep. Lots down low from baby A & I can rub the head or bootie of baby C who’s hanging out up top.

Genders? Baby A is a still a boy & C is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B always. Endless energy.

Food cravings? Enjoyed the heck out of Sweet Tomatoes salad bar with a friend Thursday night. And fruit & cereal & Greek Yogurt are always the stand-bys if nothing else sounds good.

Food aversion? No aversions as much as by the time dinner time rolls around I’m not hungry for a huge meal. We did lots of cereal & then sandwiches later on in the evenings this week.

Labor signs? None, thankfully.

Belly button in or out? Still in but getting smaller.

What I’m Looking Forward to? More things crossed off our done-before-the-babes-arrive list. Like putting together nursery furniture, setting up the nursery & the closet. Seeing the babes at our Monday morning doctor appt & me *hopefully* passing the GD test.

Symptoms? Thank God the feet swelling that plagued me last week wasn’t an issued this one. I’m still spent at the end of a long day. Sadly for my parents, almost nothing got done before their arrival in the form of cleaning & cooking & shopping. Luckily, they’re cool with that, & mom brought food & helped clean.

Weekly Wisdom? When you’re feeling low, share it! I felt better getting it out there & the support was/is amazing. Also focus on the positive ~ not everyone is thoughtless. I was happy to hear many nice comments in regards to this pregnancy this week from people I work with & strangers alike too. And a super nice man at Chick-Fila even carried over my tray of food when I had my hands full Thursday.

Milestones? Almost in the last trimester. According to Baby Center, they’re almost 14 inches long {the size of a English cucumber} & about 1 & 2/3 pounds & getting fatter by the day. They’re also able to hear better & inhaling & exhaling small amounts of fluid to practice breathing.