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I thought about saving this whine until my 26 week update, but I think some things deserve their own post.

I really try to just talk about the good things of this pregnancy here {& there are so many} because at the bottom of it all, I’m really just grateful to be pregnant. No matter how rough & crazy it is.

But I want to remember & put it out there that it’s not all sunshine & rainbows & roses. Sometimes it’s just tough.

Tough when after a day of work & a trip around our local Target, I’m too tired to sit up to write baby shower thank you notes much less stand up to make dinner or search for my remote control. Too tired to find the remote y’all. I was that spent Tuesday night. Thank goodness, Jason made me a sandwich, moved my new {from Target} maternity sleep bras/tanks/underoos from the washer to the dryer & used his remote to cue up our DVR.

Tough when I look in the mirror at night in a tank top & cry about missing my {not super but much more} toned/thinner arms. Then I remember that I was too stressed to work out when we were in the throws of 20+ cycles of TTC last summer {cue grateful tears}, & then I was too busy concentrating on growing triplets to work out this fall & winter {cue I-miss-baby-B tears}. Now, I’m rocking short sleeve tops anyways. My flabby, pale arms are part of my current trophies proving I’m been doing the best I can to build & grow big, healthy babIES.

Or tough is when a coworker who doesn’t know me well finds out I’m pregnant with twins & is amazed that I’m out & about because “she’d be rocking in a corner going crazy at that thought”. And I wanted to scream back, it should be triplets! Instead I just said we’re thrilled.

Tough is hearing at work {while feeling peppy & cute in a new ON top & khakis} that I “looked really tired the other day”. WTF. I said “Thanks! ::smirk:: I probably was” & walked on. WTF. Don’t people know by now, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?! Especially to a pregnant lady.

Tough when I see cute, tiny baby bumps & know mine was never that cute & compact. And that I’ll never know what it feels like to be pregnant with “just” one baby. I’ll never know what’s it’s like to prepare with one-on-the-way excitement versus our three turned two-on-the-way mix of sadness & overwhelming joy. And yet I feel okay with that.

Friends, this is not a cry for help or a pity Suz party. I’m fine. Just documenting life at 25.5 weeks pregnant with multiples.


  1. Caitlin MidAtlantic says:

    Ugh! What is it with people and the rude comments toward pregnant woman this spring?! I’m so tired of being told I look tired/huge/swollen!
    Caitlin MidAtlantic recently posted..Things I Don’t Say

  2. Andrea says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I think you look fantastic! You’ve got an adorable baby bump and screw anyone who says anything snarky to you. Hmph. Some people just have no filters. Seriously. None. Nada.

    Feeling okay with all of that is the best way to enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy, AND stay focused and healthy. Yay, you!

  3. Amy says:

    WTF is wrong with people?! I think you look amazing! Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of pregnancy. I think it helps to see a pregnant mom “keeping it real”.

  4. KeAnne says:

    I’m so sorry people have been thoughtless & insensitive 🙁 People who haven’t been through IF and/or a multiples pregnancy just don’t get how some situations can be bittersweet. Sending you hugs. It was great meeting you on Monday and you looked great!
    KeAnne recently posted..Cooking with Toddlers: Yogurt Cake

  5. Brandy says:

    People can be so rude to pregnant women! It’s unacceptable. There was one guy at work who (when I was pregnant with my first baby) told me that he didn’t want to congratulate me because he didn’t know if I was pregnant or just getting fat. Then with my SECOND pregnancy, he sees me coming down the hall (he’s walking with several people) and calls out loudly, “Give her a wide berth, everyone!” I could have killed him.

  6. I had a stranger tell me a few weeks ago that I looked miserable. I wanted to tell her she needed to tweeze her chin hairs.
    Ourgrowinggarden recently posted..Spring has Sprung!

  7. 1. I love these responses.

    2. People need to be throat punched for the comments all of us preggers get.

    3. You have an adorable baby bump. And you always look SO polished and cute.

    4. You are amazing. I can’t tell you how many people I have told, “My friend Suz works full time and is having twins! Isn’t that incredible?”

    5. I always think about Baby B. I’ll never forget. And you should TOTALLY tell people that when they make those comments. Really.

    6. Thanks for this post. Again.

  8. MomEinstein says:

    People are stupid a-holes who don’t know when to keep their mouths shut.

    Pregnancy with one is hard at times, and awesome at times, and hard and awesome at the same time. I would imagine with multiples it just multiplies the hard parts and multiplies the awesome parts. And it’s hard to see your body change SO much SO fast, even if it’s for such an amazing reason. It’s still weird to look in the mirror and see something different than a month ago, or even a week ago.

    I think all your pictures are freaking adorable and you rock that babies bump.

    You’re so amazingly strong to go all of this and to be such a great mama to your babies. I am in awe of your strength. I think about your sweet Baby B and want you to know that you are all in my thoughts.

  9. molly says:

    It’s okay to be honest about it, Suz. Pour it all out on these pages. You know that you’ll find support here. I can’t imagine how hard it must be growing more than one baby. I was exhausted with one 😉 But you’re doing a fantastic job, believe me!

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