::attention whoring ahead::

Today’s my birthday! At 9p tonight {I think}, I’ll officially turn 31 years old.

Last year, I was ‘all 3-0! Yay! Thirty’s the new twenty & I’m young, & hip & fun & pregnant with triplets! Woohoo!’

And now, I’m 31. Not quite as exciting as 30. But I swear I’m still young & hip & fun. But I’m not sure if “hip” if a cool word anymore. And I now sport dark circles, new wrinkles, & since I haven’t been highlighting my hair this year, a few grey hairs.

The past year has been wild but wonderful! And I’m so happy for the battle scars that I’ve earned.

Thirty one equals mid-thirties? Or early thirties? Either way, I say bring it on!

We celebrated with family the Friday after Thanksgiving, again this weekend wiht my parents, with friends Sunday night & I had a birthday breakfast break with my coworkers Monday morning. I think this might be my most chill actual birthday yet, but that’s perfectly fine. I’m asking the babies to give me a silent night {keep your fingers crossed for me, k?!}.

Oh & my birthday means it’s exactly two weeks til our babies first Christmas!!