This is a post about our journey trying to conceive, if you don’t wanna hear/see TMI info, stop reading now.

So this month we decided we’d really go for it TTC wise. I felt pretty confident that I could read my temps and where things were heading on the chart. Still not SUPER confident about CM, but felt like I knew what the EWCM looked like now that I’ve been paying attention verses being not so sure last month.

You can view my chart as I update it by clicking here. I plan to keep taking it until AF or I get a BFP/BFN. But here’s what it looks like so far this cycle. I think we timed baby making pretty well… Guess we’ll see if it worked in about a week! I plan to POAS next Thurs/Fri before we go down to the beach for the weekend. If its positive, we might have to spill the beans because my family will know first time I turn down a bud light lime or margarita or fresh strawberry daquari!!!