When it comes to TTC for me, no news hasn’t been good news. As I’d thought, our benched cycle was a bust.

Cycle 18 caught me off guard. I was so focused on my upcoming work trip, I’d lost count & ended up having to go to the RE a little early. Day 1 & my taking Femara began while I was out if town.

My day 12 appointment was last Saturday morning. Since I’ve spoken of “wandy” a few times, before the ultrasound tech came in, I snapped this cell phone pic of the machine I deal with twice a cycle. [flickr id=”5816834297″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”] Even though one of the cysts was still hanging out, a follicle had matured behind it! I did the Ovidrel shot around noon before we went to the wedding. Cue whirlwind weekend of fun events with timed I thrown in-between.

Now I’m in the dreaded two week wait. I’m happy to have fun plans like last nights bloggy ladies dinner last night at Vivace & a girls beach weekend starting tomorrow to distract me. Doing the math, it seems like I’ll find out if this is our cycle on father’s day. How special could that be for husband?!