Gah! Time is flying by. How’s it a week past his month day? Or 13 months since the arrival of my lil guy?!

Zach has flourish this last month! Verbally, socially, developmentally & in size!

Mama & Dada are the most hear words, but he says baba often too. Does it mean bye-bye? Bottle? His tongue wagging/thrusting cracks him {& us} up.

Socially, Zach’s begun to assert himself more with Lucy- pushing, hitting, smacking Sister. This has led to us separating them & taking away toys. And praying they’re sweeter to each other in public {aka daycare}.

He’s not quite as quick to smile these last few weeks. Because he’s serious about walking! Within the last month, Zach went from bravely cruising/throwing himself a step or two, to walking/running. I’d say within the last week, walking had become his main mode of transportation at home. Seeing this lil guy walking around is so cute. He chats & likes to have his hands full & out in front while traveling around the den. Falling doesn’t phase him; he’s learned to get up hands-free & keep going. We have tons of videos of him these days because it’s such a joy to see him learning & discovering to walk!

So last monthday update, I mentioned Zach was around 16.5 lbs. I weighed us last weekend dressed & he was 19.2 lbs. Yep, you read that right. Almost 3 lbs in a month. Growth spurt much?! Goodbye 6 mo clothes, see ya 6-9 clothes he maybe wore once, & really it’s not looking like all the 9 mo clothes I’ve been collecting will last long. Thankfully, I remembered I’d bought a lot of Jenny’s Toby’s 12 mo summer hand-me-downs so Zach won’t have to go naked later this summer. 😛

How’s he packed on the pounds? Loving table food. He eats everything we give him. Like an entire homemade waffle on weekend breakfasts {plus fruit}. We haven’t found much he’ll scoff at. Plus he’s nursing with me in the mornings, getting 3 breast milk/formula sippy cups at daycare & typically another 8oz split before/during/after dinner/bedtime.

Happy {mommy’s sorry for being belated} 13 months Zach!