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2011 Goals

I took this weekend to go back through my 2010 blog posts & it ended up being two year in review posts.  I also looked back on my 2010 goals…I’m not going to focus on the fact that few if any personal ones were completed {husband did get a new job that he really enjoys}.  I guess we’ll just say I’m still a work in progress…  I’m not calling these resolutions because I feel that sets me up for failure.  I’ll call these 2011 goals.

I first made known our TTC last January.  One year later, we aren’t much, if any, closer to that baby {CD1 of cycle 12 started Christmas day…that was just quite a day}.  So a 2011 baby is still a goal for this year.  I plan to make an appointment with OB/RE if we aren’t pregnant by February/March. I’m also getting tired of doing month TTC chart posts.  I promise to keep y’all informed if there’s changes with TTC, but I’m not sure that I’ll keep up those per cycle posts. {will yall miss them? think I’ll miss them? leave me a comment with your thoughts}

After the passing of my grandmother, I want to make a lot of time for family in 2011.  I look back so fondly on my time in Charlotte in 2010 with Ma.  I plan to go visit Nana & Pawpaw at OIB & Papa in Charlotte as often as I can & really visit with them and not take them for granted.

Steven & Beth’s wedding is Oct 22nd.  I want to be healthier by their wedding.  I work better when I have a timeline goal. I’m not going to make a “I want to lose x number of pounds goal” because I feel like that sets me for feeling bad if its not attained.  So I’m leaving it as healthier & happier.  I’d like to work out more during the week and at least do something active on the weekends.  Eat more at home {not takeout but actually cooking healthy meals}.  I’d love to fit into a size 10 instead of 16 bridesmaid’s dress, but if it’s a 24 because I’m healthy & happily pregnant, I will be ecstatic! {btw, I’ve been thinking that we maybe not super hard TTC cycles 13/14 so that I’m not super duper, you-can’t-travel pregnant or delivering on their wedding day. what’d yall think about that? should we continue to try?}

Be a better blogger.  I think I did better in 2010 when it comes to posting more frequently & getting connected with other bloggers.  I’ve made awesome blog & twitter friends in the past year & plan to keep that up.  I’d love to attend BlogHer11 this summer in San Diego & am going to see if I can make that work.

On that note, I want to *attempt* to do project 365 or it might end up as project 52 this year.  Maybe I’ll do a “my week in pictures” post on here that way I remember what I’ve taken each day/week & get to use my Nikon! 
I wrote these goals early last week and really got excited about this project 365 idea.  I decided to make a tumblr page as to not let the project take over this blog {I made a Page for it too}.  I’d *love* for you to start following me at & let me know what you think of my photos so far.  If you’d want to see them {or maybe a weeks worth here} let me know & I could start that up.

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