We were leaving the hospital after the 18 week appt when we found out we were now expecting two healthy babies when my husband said “maybe going back to work is now an option”. I cried & we dropped that conversation for weeks.

Last week, I decided I’d actually call around & research local day cares. I’d heard the $1500/mo/child number thrown around from a lot of my friends. Turns out my friends’ kids go to the best {& thus most expensive} day cares in town. $3000/mo in day care is not going to happen for us. After taxes, my insurance, FSA, etc, I’d lose money going back to work at that rate.

But I’ve found, further away from our house, there are a few less expensive day cares. I have three that have made the list for being on the cheaper end {while still being used by people I know & trust} & three on the mid-range end that are also being used by friends. We plan to check them out within the next few weeks as I’ve already been told there will probably be waitlists for September/October entry dates.

So as long as we like one of those six & I’m making money going to work, then the plan now is for me to go back to work after taking as long of a maternity leave as I possibly can {maybe 4 months}. Of course, this could all change based on the health of the babies & myself post-delivery.

I still plan to cloth diaper & breast feed. But with going back to work, a few things might change there. I’d planned to pump in order to build up supply & a stash for bottle feeding, but now I’ll be pumping at work. So I’ll probably just rent the Symphony for a couple months & then go get a double pump I can more easily take to work with me. {advice on which one is appreciated as well as nursing appropriate work clothes}.

I’m going to ask day cares about cloth diapering, but I’m not holding my breath that they’ll go for it. And I won’t let that break my heart. We’ve been given some disposable diapers at showers, so they could end up coming in handy. Then we’ll just cloth diaper at home.

With my plan to go back to work, the need for help from family might also change. My husband works for a Swiss company & he luckily has paternity leave. So we will both be home at the beginning. I’ve heard we’re going to want help then but once we’re both back at work, maybe not? I guess that’ll be something we just have to play by hear. Moms {of multiples & singletons}~ did you have family help you after the babe{s} arrived? If so, for how long?

And like I’ve said before, thanks to super generous friends & family, these babies are spoiled & set with clothes & the almost all of the necessaties. We still have a few things to get before we’re super ready for their arrival. I *might* be keeping my eye on a few fun things at upcoming consignment sales & plan to shop sales for a few splurge items like a second Sophie, double jogger stroller, & an Ergo carrier. Baby shopping is even more fun than adult shopping!

As for vehicles, we’re still selling all three & going bigger SUV/minivan for the babies mobile. One that will comfortably fit us all & all the stuff that will be involved in travelling as a family of four {traveling once they’re bigger is now an option}. And to help husband’s car-loving sanity, he does now have a play vehicle {a super cheap one}.

So that’s updated decisions {for now}. If they change again, I’ll keep y’all updated. Thanks for your advice.