A few months ago, we thought we had things kinda figured out. The triplet bomb was dropped & because of it, some decisions were made for us. Sometimes it’s easier that way.

A lot of these decisions have been turned upside down since January 31st when we learned we were now expecting “just” two babies. I’ve been a bit MIA the last couple of weeks from posting because these thoughts keep rolling around.

I thought I might share what was decided & then probably end up doing a post on each one as our changing decisions are decided.

Cars: None of our then vehicles {’03 CRV, ’01 Jetta, or ’08 Evo} would fit three car seats. We were selling all, getting a minivan for me, a bigger daily driver vehicle & no “play car” for the husband.

Stay at Home vs Working: It’s laughable to think of putting three mostly-likely premie infant triplets in daycare. From the cost {$4500/mo anyone?!} & health standpoint. That was the biggest decision made for us when we heard “triplets”.

Travel: That decision was pretty much not travelling for who knows how long. Heck, I was thinking I wouldn’t really be leaving the house much with three babies ~ I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to hold all three while standing up.

Help: We’d already started recruiting retired & willing family members to come live with us on a rotating schedule for an unending time period.

Cloth Diapering: I’d wanted to do it with one child. The idea of paying for disposable diapers  for three {much less my crunchy side internally yelling about the environmental thought of that} was too much. CD all the way & the cheapest ways possible {prefolds & covers}. I figured with triplets, I’d be home so no hassling with CDs at daycare & what’s another load of laundry?!

Breast Feeding: Again, with triplets, I wasn’t thinking I’d be going back to work {so lack of $$ for formula} & we wouldn’t be leaving the house {so who cares if there’s a kid or pump constantly attached to me}, & cost savings alone made me super-duper pro-breast feeding. Not to mention the health needs of premie triplets boosted by my milk. I’d planned to rent the Symphony hospital pump for the duration.

Baby supplies & non-necessities: Thanks to super generous family & friends, we’ve received almost all the baby supplies we “need”. With triplets, there were going to be little to no non-necessities.

I feel like this post sounds like I’m complaining which I really don’t mean for it to. Just wanting to remember what our thoughts were before & after. A lot of our thoughts & decisions haven’t changed much but I’ll talk about that later. 

This post also isn’t meant to start the breast feeding vs formula, SAHM vs WM, CD vs disposable debates. I really hope it doesn’t go there because I’m an emotional pregnant chick & a wuss ~ conflict kinda scares me.