It’s Back

Major TMI warning.

AF. Crimson Tide. Period. Time of the month. WTF is what I called out yesterday mid-morning.

I know I talked about AF’s unwanted arrival for 22 cycles. I thank God that time in my life is over. And after this post, I will hopefully not talk about my cycles again.

But I really thought {not sure why though} that while I continued to successfully breastfeed my duo, my period would stay away. No longer such luck.

I have been lucky enough to have been period-free since September 2011. So there’s that. I realized last night that this is my first unmedicated period since February 2011. Crazy, right?!

I’d honestly forgotten how it all worked, the PMS, bloating, zits, kinda moodiness & craving bread. Then of course the period itself & cramps. Good times being a girl are back y’all.


  1. Melissa says:

    funny…i always thought it wasn’t fair to have this and be BF’ing!

  2. notmrsN says:

    I had the same issue, although mine came back 1 week after my PP bleeding stopped. So I had even shittier luck than you, if it makes you feel better!

  3. Mickie says:

    I completely understand. I was lucky enough to have mine come back the day before Christmas. (Ask my hubby how much fun I was on Christmas Day). My last one was Feb 2011 so right there with ya (in fact I gave you that medicine shortly after that!) I was a little surprised too. With Jax it came back 30 days after I stopped breastfeeding. Inara is still going string with no signs of self weaning.

  4. Harmskills says:

    W my son who I Ebf for two years I got it at 3
    Months- w baby I got it at 9 weeks!!! Even w bf!!! And now that I’m done nursing my cycles are wonky! And you can get pregnant! I know a few folks who had so much trouble w thier first thought they were in the clear and nature did what it does!

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