Our Lucy girl is such a joy. Her chattering continues to crack us up. Her smiles are always very bright in the morning & when she sees us throughout the day. She saves her big laughs for special occasions ~ belly raspberries on the changing table with me & her Daddy’s silly faces.

Lucy’s had two big developments this past month. She now will flip onto her tummy {rolling always from the right side} quicker than you can blink when we lay her down on her back in her crib. She’ll then tuck up her feet like a lil froggy & turn her head towards the wall & sleep at least for a good seven hours straight. That means if she falls asleep after a busy daycare day at 8p, that she’ll typically wake up around 3-4 to nurse before she fairly easily goes back into her crib for another few hours. Weekends though she’s been a sleeping rock star. She slept 10-8 Saturday night! Thank you Lucy girl!

Her other new trick is pulling herself from laying down on a boppy to sitting up with us holding each hand. She gets such a big smile when we cheer as she does it. She’ll lay back down on the boppy & hold her hands out to do it again & again. It’s so cool to see. On her monthday, she continued to standing up too.

She puts everything in her mouth. She still loves her thumb, likes the wubba, Sophie’s okay, as is pretty much anything else in her reach including my hair. She’s continued to be an eating champ, a nursing pro & finishes every one of her 4 oz bottles at daycare. Our ‘happy spitter’ is still living up to that name but she doesn’t seem bothered by it.

I don’t have official size updates since she doesn’t go back to the doctor {hopefully} until her six month appointment at the end of Nov. But I’d guess she’s over 15 pounds now. She’s out of almost all 0-3 mo clothes, she fits well into her 3 month clothes {Circo & Carter’s pjs}, some 3-6 clothes {Old Navy, Gymboree} & a few 6 mo Carter’s.

My little girl has been having wardrobe malfunctions at daycare. She’s peeing out of her cloth diapers almost every day. She goes to daycare in something cute, & comes home in a rag tag mix of what she was wearing & what’s in her spare clothes bin. I’d been setting aside the bigger of our daycare cloth diapers for my big girl, but starting the end of last week, mixed in some of the smaller ones hoping that will solve some pee leaking issues. Lucy has graduated to size two disposable diapers at night {we’re currently using Luvs on her with no issues}.

Can’t wait to see what this next month holds. So far, I’m loving this age/stage!