Lucy girl is wild & crazy & awesome these days. She loves being on the go & only slows down typically when she’s hungry or sleepy which is when we can sneak some cuddles.

Girl loves some jewelry! She’s holding on to my necklace as I one finger type right now. Everything goes into her mouth. A top tooth broke through two weekends ago but we have a lot of drool & chewing as we await the other one. As you can see from the photos below even paper & stickers aren’t safe from the Lucy girl’s gums.

Lucy 9 mos + 1 day

Lucy 9 mos {& 1 day}

Lucy crawls like a champ. And she can also pull up on anything sturdy & somethings that aren’t. I’m often thankful for her fluffy cloth diaper butt for padding. Lucy’s not afraid to crawl over anything or one that’s in her way of what she wants. This typically means Zach’s getting half ran over but also led this past week to her scratching another daycare baby.

Lucy & Zach moved up to the Infant 2 room the first week of Feb. All the babies are 6-12 mos & most are mobile. Its a great fit for them.

And y’all, peer pressure & dedication works. Its like something clicked in Lucy & by the first weekend in Feb, she was eating a lil applesauce on a spoon from my Mom. Lucy’s become a puree eating champ. Ive continued to make some & weve tried yo baby yogurts as well as a variety of fruits & veggies {thanks to my MIL for buying a bunch of pouches}. I’m adding probiotics in the yogurt & rice cereal or oatmeal in the runnier purees. While she will put mum mums, puffs Cheerios & yogurt melts in her mouth, she can kinda take or leave them for the most part. This solids eating has lifted a major worry off my shoulders. I now firmly believe everything in their own time.

And speaking of time, I’ve had a lil more of it {& sleep} recently since Lucy sleeps through the night I’d say 5 out of 7 nights. She’s usually down between 815-930 & wakes up between 630-730. She’ll nap a few times a day – 30-45 min naps to & from daycare & a couple hour nap at daycare.

Lucy’s wearing size 3 Luvs & sharing Zach’s size 2 Honest diapers at night. She’s still in mostly one sized or medium sized cloth diapers for daytime. My busy body has been peeing out the sides of M BG AIO diapers. We might have to start stuffing them.

Lucy wears mostly 9 month or 6-9 mo clothes with a few 6 mo favorites squeezed on as tops vs tunics. She’s in 9-12 mo the children’s place onesies & pants. I racked up on their $2.99 sale & have been loving what I bought from TCP for her.

Lucy is still a bit of a daddy’s girl & added da da to her vocal favorites within the last month. I’m so jealous & keep repeating mama mama to {so far} no avail.

Her personality is really shining through these days & its so cute. She’s a little bit serious & slower to smile, but Lucy has the best laugh.

Happy belated 9 months Lucy girl!

I’ve decided to add the Baby Center milestones to their posts as I think they’re pretty well caught up developementally.

Master Skills {most kids can do}: Stands while holding onto something YES
Jabbers or combines syllables YES
Understands object permanence I THINK SO

Emerging Skills {half of kids can do}: Cruises while holding onto furniture YES
Drinks from a sippy cup WE HAVEN’T REALLY TRIED MUCH
Eats with fingers YES
Bangs objects together I THINK SO

Advanced Skills {a few kids can do}: Plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo NOPE
Says “mama” or “dada” to the correct parent NOPE