Oh things are busy in our house these days!

Zach went from reluctantly crawling just after his last month day to taking off & speed crawling. He loves pulling up on everything too. He doesn’t like to be confined in exersausers or seats for long, but he’ll play on the ball table for a while then stretch out his arm to reach for the next toy.

His monkey &/or tiger wubba nub pacis are kept close by. He’s a fan of Sophie & rings/keys he can shake & bang too.


Zach 9 mos {& 1 day}

Zach’s smile is a lady & dude killer – people stop to tell us how stinkin cute he is all the time. And we agree! He smiles freely & has started sharing his soft voice with us more & more. Zach is also now saying dadada along with ga & ba & wonderful giggles & laughs.

Zach is still our little guy. We’ll know for sure after their 9 mo appt, but I’m guessing he’s around 14 lbs. He’s wearing a 3-6 mo gymboree outfit. The sleeves are a bit short but it otherwise fits great. I’ve been transitioning him to 6 mo onesies & pants for length & am thankful to the bulk of cloth diapers for helping hold up the pants!

He’s moved into size 2 disposable diapers; Huggies naturals & honest co ones don’t give him blisters so we stick with them overnight. We can still put Zach in small sized cloth diapers & one sized diapers on the small setting.

Zach 9 mos

I think Zach benefited from my being gone a couple days, we learned he needed more than 5oz in his bottles plus he had fortified milk for those couple days. I think it might’ve added a lil weight. His separation anxiety with me might be a lil better. I think dude might’ve just been really hungry. He still nurses with me before & after daycare & overnight, but we sometimes give him a half bottle before bed.

Zach is still not a big puree fan. But homeboy loves mum mums, puffs & yogurt melts. I load up his tray with those & he’ll go at it. I’ll try to sneak in some fruits & veggies when he opens his mouth for another puff.

Zach now has four teeth. The top two arrived the first weekend in Feb & are really growing in. He teethes like a champ. We don’t even realize it until I reach in his mouth & find a tooth! Seriously easy, happy lil guy.

Happy 9 months {a few days late} Zach!

I’ve decided to add the Baby Center milestones to their posts as I think they’re pretty well caught up developementally.

Master Skills {most kids can do}: Stands while holding onto something YES
Jabbers or combines syllables SOMETIMES
Understands object permanence YES

Emerging Skills {half of kids can do}: Cruises while holding onto furniture YES
Drinks from a sippy cup WE HAVEN’T REALLY TRIED MUCH
Eats with fingers YES!
Bangs objects together YES

Advanced Skills {a few kids can do}: Plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo NOPE
Says “mama” or “dada” to the correct parent NOPE