Lucy is a hilarious handful. She’s vocally learning to express what she likes including happy grunts when she sees us {especially her Daddy} & very sleepy hums when she’s overtired. She is a speed crawler & cruiser, but no independent standing or walking yet. That’s not holding her back so far in getting where she wants to go.

I’d say 75% of the time, Lucy sleeps through the night. She’ll fall asleep nursing/being held or rocked by her Daddy between 8-9 & sleep until 7-730ish. If she does wake up at night, she earns her ‘sleepy bear’ aka ‘angry bear’ nickname. She can be quite the wild bear to get back to sleep if she’s up & wants to play/crawl/chat. Thankfully, I can typically get her back down, but a couple nights last week, it took multiple times nursing plus walking & rocking to finally knock her out.

Lucy 10 mos

She’s wearing 9 mo or 9-12 mo play clothes & pjs & will most definitely be moving to 12 mo clothes for this spring. I have been able to reuse a few 3-6 & 6 mo dresses recently as tunics/tops with leggings. She doesn’t do as well with dresses though because she will put the bottoms of them right into her mouth! Lucy girl chews & drools on everything!

Lucy has 4 teeth: two on the bottom & two on top. I wouldn’t be surprised though if more bottom or top ones came through soon. Sophie & other teething toys & not teething toys {paper & books are favorites!} are all gnawed on.

Lucy also is a big fan of whatever toy Zach is playing with. Doesn’t matter what it is. If Zach has it, she wants it. And “big” sister isn’t afraid to grab & steal. Oh the pay back she’ll get one of these days for being the bully. But it’s just awesome seeing their interaction recently. They love seeing the other in the mornings & will greet the other with the biggest smiles & laughs. I truly believe they’ll have a language all to themselves as they already ‘chat’ to each other!

Speaking of being “big”, last time I weighed us, I think Lucy was just over 19 pounds! She’s still a great nurser {nursing with me around 730a, bottles at daycare at 11, 230 & 5, then with me around 7 & 830}. At daycare, she gets breakfast {cheerios, banana, waffles} if we get them there before 8. We’ll usually do a brunch solids on weekends that are a mix of above foods &/or yogurt. During the week at daycare, they get lunch solids {purees I’ve made} then an afternoon snack {typically yogurt & cracker/puffs}. Then depending how the evenings going, she’ll usually get dinner solids too {typically a mix of fruit/veggies/protein/carbs}. We haven’t done meats much yet.

Lucy likes purees a lot; as long as they’re kinda sweet. I “trick” her into eating avocado/black beans by mixing in banana/blueberry puree. Same with peas/green beans/white potatoes, I throw puree pears in the mix. Without the fruit, she’ll spit it out.
With the fruit, she gobbles it down. Silly, girl.

But hey! I don’t blame her. She comes from a long line of sweets loving ladies. Lucy also enjoyed bits of my vanilla froyo & tangerines at Costco a couple wekeends ago {of course, I later read those are no nos for the under 1 year crowd!}. Oops! That’s coming up sooner that I want! ::buries head in sand::

Happy 10 months Lucy girl!

{the BabyCenter chart as disapeared from my link. Those stats might come later}

{photos to come soon I hope}