itti*bitti cloth diapers

I’ve mentioned before that we’re cloth diapering the babies & even that we’re using cloth diapers at daycare. Over the last 6 months of using cloth, we’ve found a few favorites. I shared my AppleCheeks love a month or so ago. I’m posting my itti*bitti diapers love today.

I was first introduced {& given} a itti*bitti small d’lish AIO in saffron at BlogHer11. Then I found my local cloth diaper store had a papaya small d’lish SIO {snap in one} on clearance & I bought it up while I was pregnant.

The babies have worn these two itti*bittis so many times. They’ve been on multiple wears per week rotation both for at home & daycare. Daycare, I’m sure, loves it’s just one row of snaps. I love how trim & fit they are. They’ll work under the most fitted baby clothes which works well if you’re like me & like to get just one more wear out of that favorite but probably outgrown outfit.

I also love that these soft & fuzzy dipers wash & dry really well. Unlike other diapers that I have to put together & stuff because others can’t match, itti*bittis snap inserts are color coded which makes getting them from dryer to baby very easy.

6 week old baby Lucy in the papya itti*bitti d’lish SIO

The size small has worked well for my preemies for a long time. Itti*bitti says the size small goes up to 16 pounds & I’d say that’s accurate. Lucy no longer fits in our beloved smalls. But Zach still does. Here’s him this morning in the d’lish AIO.

Zach {& ever present monkey wubba} in the small Saffron itti*bitti d’lish


Happy Zach & his itti*bitti d’lish


Zach showing how the d’lish is trim fitting enough for his 3-6 mo onesie to still fit.


About a month ago, I reached out to itti*bitti. I shared my love of their diapers & wanted to try a size medium d’lish {fits 14-26 pounds} &/or one of their one sized bitti tutto diapers.

Just a bit later, I received a medium d’lish SIO in Chocolate & a tutto in Zeebra to add to our itti*bitti stash. I immediately washed both & put the Chocolate diaper on Lucy the next day {the rise & overall fit was much better than the too-small small for her}.

I was wondering if we’d need to wait for them to fit into the one sized tutto, but I was happy to see that one the smaller snaps, the tutto fit great for Zach & Lucy. The cool thing about the tutto is that the inserts can be used in a bunch of ways. So far, I’ve been using the shorter insert with a soaker pad attached & it’s worked great. No leakage issues & their “poop fence” definitely lives up the the hype. This diaper is supposed to last up to 44 pounds & I hope so!

My busy bee Lucy paused for just one minute while playing on the floor after daycare in the itti*bitti OS tutto in Zeebra.

Itti*bitti also sent us a Zeebra wetbag saying I’d find a multude of uses for it. They were right. My favorite use for the wetbag so far is that I’ve thrown it in my purse with a few clean diapers & a grocery bag for a quick trip out. The print is bright & fun, & the wetbag is compact yet still roomy enough for four diapers.

I think itti*bitti diapers are great choices for those looking for cloth diapers that are trim & hold up well over multiple uses, washes & through the dryer. Especially for those wanting to stay away from pockets. We’re big fans in our household for sure!

I received three of our four itti*bitti diapers for review purposes from itti*bitti, but I did not receive other compensation. All opinions expessed are honest & my own.

Cloth Diapering Multiples {at Daycare}

I’ve mentioned before that our daycare decision was made easier when our top pick was also the only daycare we interviewed that would allow us to bring in cloth diapers.

I was so excited for the money it would save us to continue cloth diapering at home & while I’m at work. And that’s very true. A pack of disposable diapers will last us a long time since we only use them overnight where as if we used disposables all the time, we’d quickly go through a 40 pack of diapers in two days.

To make it easier on their teachers, I decided we’d bring only prestuffed pocket diapers or AIOs to daycare. No cloth diapers that required multi-steps or covers.

When they first started going to daycare, we had approximately twelve AIO/pocket diapers from a variety of brands that I’d purchased, won from giveaways or been given over the last few years including itti bitti, AppleCheeks, BumGenius, FuzziBunz, Thirties Duo, Charlie Banana & SoftBums. We also had four Flip covers/inserts to use as daycare backups only since they were still pretty big for Zach.

Lucy came home from daycare with her itti bitti poking out!

My friend Poe then lent us a set of 16 BumGenius 4.0 AIOS in size medium. They’re a tad big on Zach for now but very handy when we’re behind on laundry. My friend Emilee decided against using cloth on her daughter after she’d already bought some. She sold what she could then graciously gave us what she had left ~ four Dry Bee’s AIOs & a couple random other pockets. I bought a few more of our favorites on sale & our stash of fluff was enough {for now}.

Zach with his BumGenius poking out when I arrived at daycare 9/18.

We need ten cloth diapers a day for daycare. Two for them to wear in the mornings & four each for diaper changes throughout the day. I’ve found we have enough diapers that I don’t have to do cloth diaper laundry but every other night. Of course, days that they poop {they still don’t poop daily}, we tend to do a laundry load or at least a rinse cycle over night.

I was greeted by these sleepy fluffy butts when I arrived at daycare 10/5.

I’ve continued to wash my cloth diapers like I started & mentioned in my first diaper post: cold rinse, add Tide Free & Gentle at the first line, then hot/cold wash with double rinse. We have had just a few times with super poopy diapers that I’ve needed to rewash them & had just a few stains that needed sunning.

I dry everything on low once then pull out & line dry the covers. Sometimes the first drying cycle starts as we’re going to bed & the second during Zach’s dream feed, if that’s the case, then everything might get dried a second time.

The pocket diapers get sorted by me, then stuffed by Jason & I while the babies are nursing or napping in the evenings. We’ll then place the four needed per baby in a wet/dry bag & add both bags to the diaper bag to be ready for the next day. I already had two Planet Wise wet/dry bags & a FuzziBunz wet bag. I soon purchased an additional Planet Wise medium bag so that we wouldn’t have to do wet bag laundry nightly.

Pockets stuffed & ready to go for another week of daycare

We’ve taught daycare to place the dirty diapers in the wet section. And now they will even put poopy diapers in one wet bag & the pee only diapers in the other bag. So far, both their teachers & I feel like it’s gone very well.

*Note: I will admit that our water bill has gone up since the babies have been home from the hospital. From $44 to $93/month. *But* for the first four months, we had almost constant visitors which meant extra clothes, towels & sheets & dishes being washed. Not to mention that we did & continue to do clothes laundry pretty much daily for our clothes, the babies’ clothes, bibs & burp cloths. And we’re eating at home more to save money which also means we’re running the dishwasher more frequently as well as hand washing bottles & pump parts. Plus we now have two more in the household taking baths. Long story short, we can’t & don’t blame cloth diapering on our increased water bill & are saving more than the $49/mo water bill increase.

AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers

I remember hearing about AppleCheeks cloth diapers online way before I was pregnant. Their bright colors, fun names & cool designs stood out to me. Then I met the oh so fun & sweet Katie from AppleCheeks at BlogHer ’11. And even though Zach & Lucy were just a dream at that point, I looked forward to using the diaper she gave me on what I then called ‘future baby’.

Six week old Zach in his first cloth diaper 7/3

Katie & I have kept in touch, and when I mentioned that the AppleCheeks Wild Child size one diaper was the first cloth diaper Zach ever wore & how much I loved it, she offered ever so kindly to send me two more. Because both babies needed AppleCheeks love & one to spare!

So excited to receive fluffy mail!

I chose the Cherry Tomato {hello NCSU red!} & Appletini envelope covers & bamboo inserts because they were cheery, bright colors that would also work on either baby. After multiple washes & dries {I both line & dryer dry depending on how much time I have}, the colors are still as fun & radiant as ever.

Zach 10/13 in Appletini

And speaking of washing & drying, I also love that the soft bamboo insert in this pocket/envelope style diaper doesn’t need to be removed for washing. Unlike some inserts that get stuck in the pocket, these easily slide out in the wash aka no Suz digging out pee soaked insert FTW! And the inserts slide in easily enough that husband’s hands can do it.

Lucy in Cherry Tomato 10/12

These diapers are very trim fitting which means that while they work great on my skinny babies’ legs & booties, they might not be as perfect of a fit on chunkier babies. Although they’ve grown well as Zach was 7 lbs in the top photo & around 12 in the photo below.

Zach in Cherry Tomato 9/22

I’m hoping my babies will last in the AppleCheeks size ones {up to 20 pounds} for a while longer because they are honestly some of my favorite diapers they wear. It took me a little while to get these photos & this post done because they are a daycare top pick!

Lucy loving her AppleCheeks 10/12

I was provided AppleCheeks diapers to review but was not otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions stated are genuine & my own.

The New Suz

The new Suz is much like the old one. Likes fun, friends, & traveling. Loves owls {especially on baby clothes!}, pizza, college football {Go Pack!} & beer. Enjoys reading, reality TV, sleeping & shopping.

The new Suz though has been working her way out of the haze of the first 18 weeks as a mom of two babies. The haze of little sleep, lots of family taking over her house help, & too much TV. Not enough of seeing friends or beer & no travel.

But I’m beginning to feel like me.

Me, who’s got a handle on breastfeeding & pumping at work for twins.

Me, who, thanks to daycare wearing the babies out, is consistently getting 5-7 hours of {sometimes broken up} sleep.

Me, who’s learned that time chillin on the couch reading or watching TV can only come after bottles are washed & prepared; cloth diapers are washed, dried & packed for daycare; clothes for babies are set out for the next day.

Me, who’s looking forward to our first weekend away this Saturday. With my parents’ help, I’ll have a night of fun & friends, showering & celebrating B & Kevin’s upcoming wedding. Shopping for the bridesmaids dress. Chatting & laughing & drinking {just a bit} with college friends.

I’ll be back Sunday afternoon. I imagine I’ll be travel weary but with a happy, refreshed heart. {& with lots of photos from the shower & of the babies hanging out with their grandparents & great-grandfather!}

Zach: Four Months

Zachy poo is still our little guy. At his four month appt this week, we learned he’s still not quite on the growth charts for weight for his age. Our pediatrician isn’t concerned since he’s gaining weight well & following his own growth curve. Zach now weighs 11lb 7oz {which is almost triple his birth weight}. He did make the chart for height though! At 23.5 inches, he’s around the 15th percentile. Definitely our lil bean pole.

We’ll continue to fortify his pumped breastmilk bottles for daycare with a teaspoon of preemie formula. He’s taking bottles fairly well for daycare. We feel like his reflux is getting better but daycare has laughingly mentioned him being a lil high maintenance {we think due to him taking breaks & needing to be burped multiple times a feeding}. Our breastfeeding relationship has been awesome lately. He’s doing great there.

Zach loves his wubbanub. So much so that we’ve recently bought back ups. So now he has a tiger & a monkey to suck on. You’ll be pressed to find a photo of him where the wubba isn’t close by.

He goes down great around 8-10p & likes to sleep on his side.  Zach’s yet to completely sleep through the night, but for the most part, I’ve gotten to enjoy he & I’s quiet time nursing around 330a. We’ve gotten it down pat: disposable diaper change, nursing, him sitting up/burping while I pump, then both of us back to sleep for another hour or two or three {my dream!}.

Zach is our tummy time champ. With a boppy under him, he’s holding his head & chest up looking around. He likes the bouncy seat, play mat & the little swings at daycare too. But his teachers say & we know that he likes to be held best. And with his gummy tongue out smile or tiny pouty lip & batting those long eyelashes, we will gladly plop him in our laps or next to us in a boppy. Or his favorite is standing & squatting while we hold him up. The doctor was impressed with this development skill of his.

I recently gave up squeezing him into NB clothes & packed those up for his two sets of to-be twin boy friends. He’s now wearing 0-3 clothes well, Carters skinny 3 month fit great & he’s growing into some 3-6 outfits of which onesies can act like shorts too.

We’ve kept Zach in Huggies Natural diapers at night but he wears cloth diapers during the day. Skinny sized AppleCheeks diapers {review to come soon!} & our two Itti Bitti diapers fit our lil guy so well.