Owly Bathroom

Remember in the home tour & again in the guest room re-do seeing that I have owl all over our houses?! Well, the guest bathroom was pretty much owl free. It’s had a beachy theme which I’ve been just fine with. But after 5 years, I was ready for a little change.

So when I saw these featured on The Owl Barn from Target, I was smitten. I looked for the set at a couple area Targets before going on my phone & realizing I’d missed the dreaded “online only”. I sat on it for a couple days before taking the plunge & buying the shower curtain & lotion/soap pump online. Hello guest bathroom re-do!!

I removed the beachy themed decorations & added in a few owls that I already had. Instead of little beach frames to the right of the shower, I’ve now hung two wooden frames. Might need to update the photos in them though.

I returned the toilet seat cover because I couldn’t keep the seat up with it on. I’ve decided I need want the soap dish {the current white one holding ‘B’ soap bar is boring} & toothbrush holder to complete the set. The trashcan now doesn’t match either. I need a covered one to keep Moe {who’s a fan of the redo!} out of it so I’ll probably pick up a basic white one of my next Target trip.

Den Updo

While at the party Saturday night, my friend Kelly talked me into coming with her to early church then a Pottery Barn design class.  This class was about arranging accessories.  Lisa from Pottery Barn highlighted 5 design ideas for the room.  I was inspired when I got home to rearrange & updo what we already had in our den.

I also bought the glass vase which was originally $39, on sale for $14.99 then I was able to purchase it for $13.50.  I plan to go to Michael’s and get some white flowers to add.  What kind do you recommend? Hydrangeas, tulips?  Lisa also said something that blew my mind a little~ that you could put decor in front of the mirror over your mantel!  I also decorate the ends but never the middle.  She also said to pretend your mantel is a triangle and go from tall to short from middle out.  Based on that, I rearranged what has been on the post-Christmas mantel.  I think I might still change a few things around, but I’m liking the changes already.  What would do you think? Get rid of some of the candle pillars? Add more?  Do less?

Lisa also discussed redoing and adding pillows to create a relaxing but nice way to incorporate textures & colors to the room.  I received the funky owl pillow as a hand-me-down recently & I love it.  We had a falling apart bright red pillow on the couch.  I bought a textured greenish cover with the 10% off class coupon.  I’m loving how they work with the couch.  The snowman pillow is from Perfect Chance Memories & is a preview of what *might* be featured in my upcoming giveaway. {Only 6 more followers until that happens!}

Guest Room Redo

I excitedly redid our guest bed on my day off Monday.  I went into the room Sunday & realized that the current theme of blues & reds wasn’t going to work with the new green spread .

Before makeover

So on top of removing the old spread, pillows, & dust ruffle, I switched out the old square pillow {put it inside the new one}, the curtain, & removed everything off the two selving units & redid them too.  This room before was my college & first year post-college room just moved into a new house.  To be honest, I’d done nothing different since we moved in 2006.  It was time.  I kept all the owls, just reshuffled & spread them around a little.  The bright red ladybugs that were not cute or broken were removed & the others mixed in with the owls around the room.  There’s now a small stack for GoodWill & the linens to be washed & put away. 

I’d ordered the queen coverlet {so we could tuck it in to avoid Moe’s pica} and the dust ruffle {they’d sold out of the white in double}.  Because of that I had to do a bit of tucking & folding to make it fit.  I wasn’t exactly sure what a coverlet was {it’s a light quilt for those also not in the know}.  Since it’s not as thick as the normal spread on that bed, I added a chocolate brown heavy quilt underneath.  We had a chocolate brown black-out curtain in the office so I switched that into this room.  My pottery barn kids owl sheets (which are mostly greens, pinks & browns) now match perfectly in the room. Oh & I’m so happy that I stacked my Outlander collection {I’ve been getting them from paperbackswap then got the most recent at Costco} topped with a book loving owl.  Moe approves of the new bed too!

The print now does not match.  I looked for a new one at Home Goods today but didn’t find any that I thought would work.  I figured something a little beachy still & not with a huge amount of color since this is already a busy room.  I found 3 different white shell framed prints I liked, but they didn’t go together.  I’d love to find three that worked or one.  Anyone seen something like that recently?  I think we’re all ready for guests…What do you think?

Dishwasher Dilema SOLVED!

Meet our new Whirlpool Dishwasher! You know you’re an adult when you get kind of excited about this type of purchase!! I am excited about the utencil section being on the door. All our other applicances are white which is why we decided white verses the newly more popular chrome. Lowes had all Whirlpool dishwashers 20% off. We’re not brave or handy enough to install ourselves, so it will probably be delivered & installed early next week! 🙂

Dishwasher Dilema

Our dishwasher died over the weekend. We spent 45+ minutes last night hand washing, drying & putting away our dirty dishes from the end of last week and the weekend.

I’m a little crunchy in that I feel genuinely bad about using paper/plastic plates and throwing them away. I guess I just feel like if we have plates why create the garbage unnecessarily?! Plus I’ve been so excited about having real china since we received them as wedding gifts. I don’t mind using paper/plastic at parties or tailgating, but if we’re home, we use real ones. Also, I don’t hand wash. My mom is the queen of making it all fit in the dishwasher & she’s taught me a thing or two. I don’t think dishes get cleaned as well if not in the dishwasher & I get grossed out by dirty dishes, especially ones that have been sitting around. That said, husband cleans the few items in our house that must be hand washed & he doesn’t plan to spending time all week cleaning dishes. I foresee a week of picking up food out, eating microwaved food on the container or eating on the dreaded paper plates!

So, our options are: find someone to check out our 15 year old Maytag dishwasher to see if it can be repaired or buy a new one! I’m voting to buy a new one because I don’t feel its cost effective to repair one that old. Any one bought a new one recently or know of any deals right now at Lowes/Sears/HH Gregg??