Seraphine Maternity Wear

I’m to that point in this pregnancy where certain maternity clothes I *loved* at first no longer will work for me. That includes anything without a full panel. But what was been my go-to all winter & I believe will continue into the spring, tunics. Especially one’s that work with black leggings as I haven’t been able to find full-panel leggings in other colors.

So when a rep from Séraphine contacted me to see if I’d be interested in trying out their maternity wear, I jumped at the chance. I chose the Panel Tie Tunic in black & it arrived super quick {from the UK no less}. Séraphine was a new company to me, but I realized I recognized their maternity wear from seeing celebrities like Jennifer Garner & Jessica Alba wearing it in magazines.

My favorite thing about this tunic: the material, the cut & feel of it. It’s so soft & also one of the only maternity tunics/dresses I have that I don’t *have* to wear a tank under it so that I’m not flashing a ton of cleavage.

I also love that I’ve been able to both dress this tunic up & will be able to dress it down for regular work days & weekends. So far I’ve worn it to my VA baby shower a couple weekends ago & then again this past week at my work conference {photo taken in hotel room mirror}. To both events, I wore it with leggings, black patent flats & a pink cardigan. Really cute, right?!

Seraphine tunic love at my shower, work trip & hanging in my kitchen

Oh & this lazy pregnant chick loves that my tunic is machine washable & hung dry without me having to then iron it!

I now have my eyes set on some of Séraphine’s spring maternity clothes. My favorites include the white & navy striped breast feeding top & the ruched sleeved jersey nursing dress {how cute would both be to wear this spring & then summer?!}. I’m pretty sure I’d wear this knot front dress while pregnant & hope I could still make it work even when I wasn’t! If you’re looking for pretty yet practical nursing bras, Séraphine has those too.

Séraphine has generously offered to help all of y’all, my readers & friends, bring home a cute Séraphine item of your choice {over $30} at 20% off with the discount code: ST20. Happy shopping!

I was given the tunic for the purpose of this review but was not compensated in any other way. All the opinions listed above are unbiasedly honest & my own.

My First Consignment Sale

Over the years, I’ve heard great things about local consignment sales. Big over-whelming ones at the state fairgrounds, filled to the brim with fabulous deals. Y’all know I love a great deal.

One of the reasons I chose to join the local moms of multiples group was the fabulous things I’d heard about their sale. So when I heard the Spring sale date of last weekend, I called the fam to see if they’d come to town. The TMOTT sale opens Friday evening for members only & they allow pregnant members a helper as well as a five minute head start. I knew Jason had to work, so it was perfect that my mom & aunt joined me. I thought I could bring a helper as well as a guest {for $5}. I was mistaken about the guest though; the sale opens to members’ guests at 8p while we were able to shop at 6. It worked out okay though. Mom & Sue switched off as one would take things to the car & the other would shop or stand by our loot.

Friday night at TMOTT sale

So what’d we get & for how much?!

Here was our wish list. For my Nana at the beach, an inexpensive pack-n-play & sheets for it. For my mom {she has a crib already & had picked up a pack-n-play at a church sale}, cribs sheets, crib mattress pads, pack-n-play sheets. For my friend Beth, shoes for her daughter. For us, a second infant rock-n-play sleeper {recommended by multiple twin moms}, an Ergo carrier, a jogger stroller, pack-n-play sheets, bibs, matching or twin themed outfits. Also thought I’d look at breast pumps & bottles.

We found a Graco pack-n-play for Nana {$25} & the rock-n-play {in white for $20} in the large items area during the 5:45p preview/walk through & Mom ran right back to them when the shopping doors opened. I *think* there might have been one jogger stroller but someone quicker than us found & swiped it up. There weren’t any Ergo carriers & I got a little unsure when it came to used {by who knows who} breast pumps.

We also found the sheets, mattress pads, waterproof pads, bibs {boy, girl & neutral ones grab bags} & bottles {1 bag of small & 5 big Medela ones for $9} we were looking for. Four precious pairs of shoes for little R {$10 total}. I grabbed two twin/matching outfits; both 6-9 month sizes. One is blue/pink onesies that say Peace, Love, Twins & the other is matching long sleeve/pants outfits covered in red crabs. I love them both {although I forgot to photo them before I washed & gave our 6 month+ stash to mom to store}!

R's shoes, floor mats & sleeper

Not on my list, but I also purchased a soft boa blue/green Boppy cover {$4}, 20 ABC  foam floor letters {$10} as well as an itzbeen timer {$6} that ended up being broken~our only sale fail {luckily I’d bought my two on sale & with Walmart gift card}. I don’t know how much Mom spent, but I spent a total of $77 dollars which was a total I’m really happy with.

The sale was really organized & much less chaotic than I expected. I’m looking forward to the fall sale & next spring’s sale for big baby clothes & shoes & walking toys!

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My New Ride

As of yesterday afternoon, I am now the owner & driver of a minivan! I never thought I’d type those words even though that’s what we’ve been looking for.

Hello reality! I guess there’s nothing like a minivan to make you really know you’re a soon-to-be mom of multiples!

Baby closet craziness

I started this post back in August {at the beginning of my Infertile Fridays} but had been holding off on hitting publish until I had a chance to take photo evidence to reveal my baby stuff hoarding secret.

Before I was even engaged, I’d amassed a pile of wedding related things I hoped to use. Favorite programs, invitations, photos I’d taken of friends’ flowers & dresses. I had ideas of location, time of year & colors. I’m a planner & it made it much easier once that ring was on my finger & the real planning needed to be done.

That said, you shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve slowly been gathering future baby things over the last couple of years. Enough that there has been a “future baby closet” for a while. It’s the closet of our office/man cave/future nursery/junk room so it works. It began when I saw the Vera Bradley owl pattern was being retired & thus the baby bag was on major sale. I love the versatility of that pattern & knew several friends who’d enjoyed that bag. A quick click or two online & it was at our doorstep. Then one day I was shopping at Target {before we were even TTC} and noticed there was an owl themed gender neutral set on sale. I went home, discussed with Jason then bought it, crib sheets & all. Nothing like being prepared way before the fact right?!

Then I discovered blog giveaways. Free baby stuff. And next thing I knew a Sophie, ruffle butt training pants, a Bird E Studios diaper wristlet, a nursing cover & an owl patterned cloth diaper were added to the closet. Then the Haute Green party at BlogHer happened & I very happily came home with eight more cloth diapers, wipes, cloth diaper laundry detergent & a Fuzzi Bunz to-go wet bag. Another cloth diaper {Soft Bums} was won recently & I also received burp wraps earlier this fall. Yep, all this before my first positive pregnancy test.

& since we announced our news, my super sweet friend Kelly gave us our first future baby gift. A precious owl lovey! I’m obsessed! My parents brought down a five pack of teeny tiny newborn onesies last weekend.

While she was in town to help, Mom & I went through the baby stash at the bottom of this closet. Of course all the ones of things need to be multiplied by three now! We organized the crib set {& later discovered at Target that while they no longer sell that one, Circo still makes another neutral one that will coordinate}, put all the toys in the diaper bag, & all the super cute cloth diapers in the tote bag. Ignore the mess, as this has been my secret closet until now…

my no-longer-so-secret baby stash

Am I the only one who pre-baby hoarded tiny little things?

I’ll Never…

A popular drinking game in my high school & college crowds was “Never Have I Ever”. Someone would say a phrase beginning with “never have I ever” & if you’d done that, then you drank. Example: never have I ever kissed a boy. Simple, easy & fun. Usually led to lots of laughs, stories told & tipsy friends.

My “never have I ever” list now is much the same, yet there’s so much different or maybe just different priorities. Now I think my social circle talks in Never Will I Ever…spank, bottle/formula/breast feed, EBF, co-sleep, daycare, public school, home school, cloth diaper. That list can go on & on.

Using reusable pads aka Momma Cloth would’ve been on my list as recently as the beginning of this summer. It’s not something I would have bought. I think I might have even skipped over a few of my friend Sally’s blog giveaways for it thinking, “gross” or “how weird”.

But {you knew that was coming right}, some Charlie Bananas & a Willow Pads reusable cloth pads were included with the rest of the green swag from the Haute Green party while I was in San Diego. That night as I was ruffling through the bag, I brushed them off. Sunday morning as I was packing, I pulled them out of the box & actually felt them~ soft, fluffy, & with super cute pink/blue fabric backings. After {TMI alert} leaking through undies due to progesterone supps all that week, I realized instead of liners that I’d trash {& forgot to pack to BlogHer} or having to change undies frequently, I could just try momma cloth.

So for the TTW portion of my next cycle, I slept wearing Charlie Banana pads. No leaks, no mess. Their comfort & softness make up for any bulk they might add.  I haven’t worn them to work but did one Saturday with a skirt/jeans & didn’t feel like anyone could tell. They washed easily in my normal laundry & in time, I’d imagine they’d also wash well in a cloth diaper load. Admittedly, I haven’t been brave enough to rock them during my period, but I can see my “Never Will I Ever” stance cracking there too.

What’s on your “never have I ever list”? What’s something that was on that list that’s changed recently?

Edit: Since I originally wrote this about a month ago, I tried sleeping in cloth while AF was in town. It was different & a tiny bit messy, but the pad came out clean in the wash & was more comfortable than a heavy tampon. Also, Charlie Bananas & Willow Pads have not sponsored me {beyond that they sponsored the Haute Green party}. I’m pretty sure they don’t even know who I am & don’t know about this post. My opinions are uninfluenced & all my own.