Oh our Zach has been just awesome this last month. From the photos, I can tell he’s grown up in the past month too.

I ended my 10 month post saying Zach had started waving. So yeah, the waving was waving & also, mostly, signing milk. It took us a few days to figure that out but it’s awesome & pretty handy to know when he’s hungry. I guess he’s used to {& learned it at} daycare signing for bottle. So when he signs milk, he’s asking for a bottle. He gets 3 of those at daycare & depending on him & the evening 1-2 at home. He’ll nurse well with me overnight & in the am.

He’s eating solids so well {I’ve had to start sending more into daycare} & thus growing. I weighed us last night & fully dressed he was over 17 lbs! I’d *love* for that to be true.

He’s jumped from wearing mostly 3-6 mo cloths for the last months into some kinda tight 6 mos clothes & I’ve been introducing 9 mo clothes too! Nine month pjs especially as he’s pretty long. Yay Zach!

Zach 11 months

Zach blew us away this weekend by “walking”! Aka pushing a walker toy around the den. He’s continued getting better pushing toys here & at daycare this week. I’m calling it that he’ll be our first walker!

Happy 11 months Zach!