Lucy is our serious baby. She loves to smile & laugh, but it takes her a minute or five to warm up to someone new or someone she hasn’t seen in a little while.

Lucy 11 months

The 11 month sticker was ripped off & eaten immediately. Hence it’s not wore in these photos.

Oh, but Lucy’s smiles & laughs are worth the wait. She’s hilarious & so expressive these days. She thinks clapping is the coolest thing ever. Some mornings, Jason says she claps the whole way to daycare.

She’s our wild child at home & we’ve heard at daycare too. We watch as she keeps an eye on Zach {her favorite playmate} & smirk as she times the perfect moment to steal his toys. Or give him one of her over zealous hugs {this girl can hug something fierce!}.

When she first wakes up, or is tired or sees us at daycare pickup, she loves to snuggle. She’ll tuck her head into your neck & hold your arm tight with hers. It’s so sweet.

Lucy continues to *love* nursing & drinks her daycare bottles well too. She loves sweet foods & will tolerate veggies & proteins if I mix in applesauce or fruit purees. She likes yogurt but is not a fan of cottage cheese. This girl can put away some puffs & yogurt melts & cheerios too!

I’d guess Lucy’s well over 18/19 lbs. I should probably weigh us & see. Some nine month clothes are getting snug on her. The 12 mo clothes & pjs I’ve thrown into our rotation aren’t as oversized as I thought.

Lucy drools like it’s her job. She recently got her third top tooth making her have a total of 5 teeth now. We go through teething friendly bibs & tops on the regular in our attempt to keep her dry. Luckily, teething doesn’t hold her back too bad besides the drooling.

She still wears mostly one size cloth diapers all day & size 3 disposable diapers at night {usually luvs}. Lucy isn’t quite as consist as she used to be on sleeping. Often she’ll sleep from 9-530, nurse then back to sleep until we wake her for school at 730 or keep sleeping on the weekends til 830! But other nights, she’s a light sleeper & hearing brother up at 1 or 2 or 3 will wake her up & no nursing, rocking, walking, snuggling or playing will sooth her back to sleep quickly. Those mornings she & dada {her only & favorite word} will have quality time in the den while Z & I try to keep sleeping.

Speed crawling continues to be her main source of transportation. She will cruise along the couch or coffee table but isn’t super interested in standing or walking yet. But she’s definitely watching Brother & her daycare friends so I don’t think she’ll be far behind.

Lucy is a bit of a girly girl. She doesn’t like her hands dirty when eating. She loves me jewelry & wants it like NOW. After her forcibly ripping off a pair of my hoop earrings, I’ve been going jewelry free recently. I bought clip bows for her growing hair but it’s still a little fine for them.

Happy 11 months my sweet & silly Lucy girl!