How has half a year past since this little guy stole my heart?! On this, his first, Thanksgiving day, I’m so grateful for Zach’s arrival into our lives. His smiles brighten & bring joy to everyone who sees them, especially me.

Zach is such a happy baby. Even though he’s had a cold/sniffles/cough pretty much for two month straight, he continues to smile through it. Zach experienced his first ‘sick’ day last week when he went solo to the doctor {without sister for the first time}. The doctor called his sick a sinus infection & he’s taken his first round of antibiotics {since via IV in the NICU}. He took his 3 mls of amoxicillin great mixed in 20 mls of my milk morning & night.

We think his reflux issues are getting better, but we have continued to give him 1 ml of zantac mixed in with 20 mls of breast milk twice a day. He’s spit up more this month than before but doesn’t seem to bother him.

I noticed him grabbing the bottles while I gave him his mixed medicine & then daycare clued me in that he mostly holds his bottles there. So we tried it last weekend & he held his own big bottle for a feeding. It was too cute!

He’s eating well {takes all his 4 oz bottles at daycare & he’s our speed nurser}. He weighed 13 lbs with his outfit on at the pediatrician a week and a half ago. I’m looking forward to getting his official 6 month stats next week. At 13 lbs, he’s still on the {very} small side for 6 months old. He’s still wearing 0-3 month clothes {especially pjs}, 3 month Circo & Carter’s, & 3-6 month Old Navy.

We continue to put Zach in size one Huggies naturals at night. I haven’t really been using the Kissaluvs as much on the weekends although he can still squeeze into them. He wears our AIO cloth diaper stash at daycare where we pack him the more trim ones.

Zach is a great napper. Daycare laughs & says they see him more asleep than awake! He’s not a fan of napping in the crib though; he passes out during tummy time over a boppy & will sleep for two hours easy. Once we learned the boppy trick, we’ve gotten him to take two plus hour long weekend naps in a pack-n-play while laying over a boppy.

Great naps, mixed with little guy, with {maybe solved} reflux, means that he has yet to sleep for more than six hours straight. But that’s okay, I don’t mind my quiet, alone nursing time with Zach. We usually put him down {for a while in the rock-n-play in our room due to his sniffles} around 9p. He’ll wake up around 1 & 4 or sometimes just once around 230 or 3. Zach will quickly fall back asleep on me but getting him back down can be tough. This is when I will call upon Jason to wake up & take over on the couch so I can get a little more sleep before work. Yay co-parenting!

Zach has always been our tummy time rock star. He’s now up on all fours but hasn’t yet crawled. Daycare thinks he’ll be our first crawler though. It took him a bit longer to roll over ~ he was happy on his back or side. But now he’s rolling too & has happily discovered we’ll let him sleep on his stomach now that we know he can roll around.

Zach likes sitting up too. Either leaning a little on me, a boppy, the couch or a pillow or in the bumbo chair. I’m working on him sitting up on his own while we play on blankets in the evenings after daycare/work. He also has discovered toys this month. He loves to play with the ones on the exersaucer, the colorful rattle ball & crinkle elephant. Zach’s biggest toy love though are his wubbas. He will have the biggest smiles while holding onto his monkey or throwing it around.

I’ll update with the 6 month-day photos when I have a chance to upload.