I mentioned in my hsg post that we had our follow up appointed with our RE on 3/1. I haven’t been trying to hold out on y’all if anyone’s been wondering. I’ve just had a crazy busy week {ex: small group Mon, appt Tues, haircut & highlights Wed, book club & selling a car Thurs, packing & going OOT Fri}. I’m exhausted just typing all that out. So forgive me that I just got the chance to type & schedule this post.

Our RE, I’ll call him DrP, went over our test results. As I had thought/prayed/hoped, everything came back within the normal range. My bloodwork showed my thyroid levels are on the higher side of normal, so he prescribed a very low dose of a medicine to get that lowered. DrP advised my levels weren’t so high that they’ve been affecting our TTC, but when pregnant your levels get higher and he wanted my pre-pregnacy base line as safely low as possible.

DrP advised us to try as we have been doing for the rest of this cycle {TMI TMI alert, pretty sure I O’d this week on top of everything else on the to-do list}. If.when I get my next period, I will go in for monitoring day 1 then if that’s clear start Femera on day 3-7, have another round of monitoring day 12 and then do the Ovadril shot when they tell me. He thinks Femera & Ovadril should do enough to actually give me a 2WW that I won’t need to also do progesterone supposatories.

It’d be AMAZING if this {cycle 14 if you’re keeping track} worked. But if not, I’m happily/hopefully exctied to begin the treatments that I truly believe will help us make a baby!