That’s how I’m feeling when I think of starting after-BlogHer posts. Overwhelmed. I’m slowly getting over the post-BlogHer exhaustion {its kinda like the day after Christmas exhaustion} aka BlogHer11 Hangover that has more to do with flight delays & 3am arrivals, chapped lips & man-voices than the wine, margaritas, & bud lights I downed.

I downloaded the 483 photos last night, & there are so many good ones capturing wonderful memories! I also unpacked my 50 pound swag suitcase with Jason last night. 

I’d planned to divide the conference into three post {parties/swag, location/sessions, & people}. But my photos are divided by day as are my memories of that day’s people & events. I’m hoping to be able to work on the Wed/Thursday post tonight. Stay tuned!


I’m all packed up & ready to go! Polka dot suitcase, book club book to read on the plane, Gussy laptop bag, & Jo Totes Rose as DSLR bag & purse.

If you’re going to BlogHer & see me tomorrow night in San Diego, I’ll be wearing/rolling/carrying this! I didn’t plan to go with a black/white travel theme but I guess so. I’m going to make up for it with my pink & melon the rest of the week I promise!

I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be able to do this week, but I’m sure to be tweeting away via @suzstreats. You can also try to keep up with the #blogher11 hashtag on twitter {it’s already out of control}. I’ll try to do a few FB & G+ updates too. Have a great week!

BlogHer packing

I just couldn’t help doing one more BlogHer post. My first post was becoming a book, so I split it up. Since it’s just five days away {eeek!}, this is what I can’t stop thinking about, so I thought I’d share. Maybe someone else is having packing issues?!

Like I said before, I don’t feel nervous about clothes. I’m sticking with what I know & love & probably too much of it. But a girl {especially a sweaty one like myself} needs options. I’m planning for khaki &jean skirts as well as casual dresses {like my pink Loft & RueLaLa Janet Lilly ones} for day sessions & exploring SD Thurs & the flight home. Then I’ll change to fancier/more fun/yet still comfortable dresses for the night time parties. I’m thinking a beaded Lilly one & a Target LBD glammed up with jewelry for sparklecorn.

I’ve read over & over about not wasting your time {or suitcase space} with super tall, uncomfortable shoes. I’d planned on two or three pairs of shoes max: gold “gladiatorish” flats & short wedge heeled Jack Rogers in gold. Since I just couldn’t resist them, I’ll also be Miranda’s shoeicorn twin with my brown Target wedges.

For accessories, I’m sticking with gold jewelry along with 25 Design & Gussy Sews headbands &  my two Allora Handmade necklaces {& my Allora Handmade rose from her giveaway if it arrives in time!}.

Add in makeup, hair drier, pjs, laptop & Gussy laptop bag, my business cards & case, notebook & pens in case laptop becomes too big/annoying for sessions & I’m fully loaded. I’m packing all this in my biggest suitcase & putting a Vera Bradley duffle in a pocket for swag for the way home.

Speaking of coming home, I promise to share stories when I get back about the location, the people, the fun times, the parties & the swag {maybe even try a vlog about it all}.

But I’m also planning on returning inspired by the awesome bloggers I meet & connect with, by the companies I network with, & especially by the speakers who’s tips I will hopefully asbsorb. There might even be a few changes to Suz’s Treats upon my return. Less fluff & deeper posts maybe? Vlogging? Better product reviews? More correct use of sentence structure, tenses & spelling?! I guess we’ll see!

Please leave a comment & your twitter name if you’ll be in San Diego next week. I’m compiling a list of everyone I hope to me & want to make sure you’re on it!

Going to BlogHer part 6 {guest post}

I’m finishing the Going to BlogHer, now what? guest post series today. Thanks to the posts by Suzanne, Suzanne, Alena, & Miranda, I’m feeling pretty good & prepared. BlogHer must have thought we’ve had good advice because they linked back here in their Nine Tips for BlogHer newbies post!

Today, I’m so happy to welcome my third roomie, Diana from Hormonal Imbalances, for her take on our upcoming trip. With just ONE WEEK until BlogHer, as usual she has great advice to give for those of us going through last minute packing rushes.

BlogHer on a budget

When I think of BlogHer this year, I think of SHINY. I think of new and things that smell new and light up and make everyone around me ooh and aah over what latest piece of technology I have. I think of people saying, “ZOMG look what an amazing (fill in the blank) she has.”

Sure. Fill that blank in with “rack”. I’m ok with that too.

Because I am a mom in a one income household on a budget, wanting all the latest everything is a very unrealistic, often dangerous, little dream.

So many times these past months I’ve had to talk myself off the shopping spree cliff. Would I like to have a new laptop to take to BlogHer? Yes. Do I need one? Yes No.

Would it be great to have name brand dresses and clothes to pack? Yes. In a Louis Vuitton suitcase? Yes. With a small white poodle?


But the point is, these things aren’t necessary for why I’m going. I’m going to learn. To create. To be inspired and to come back a better writer. A Kate Spade bag might look KILLER next to my chair at the sessions, but it will only serve as a reminder of what I need to pay off once I come home. And it won’t make me any smarter or a better blogger. Because if it did? I would own them all.

Then I stress about what to wear. I will be buying a few new things, because as a SAHM I own lots of jeans and t-shirts. And sandals. So I need to do some upgrading. From snotty to hottie. (Ya like that?)

I did allow myself a few fun things – my birthday is right before BlogHer so everything nice I bought had the birthday excuse attached to it. I bought a Gussy bag. A pair of killer sparkly heels for Sparklecorn.

What is important to remember is this: 3,000 of us? Feel the same way as you. We all want to look nice. We want to wear designer clothes and carry show stopping bags and have perfect hair and makeup. We want to make sure that we hug everyone just tight enough to say, “Oh, you’re the best” but not “OMG I JUST ATE A PIECE OF YOUR HAIR SO I CAN HAVE A PART OF YOU WITH ME FOREVER.”

But we’re going to be so worried about us, we won’t notice that your top is one you wore on a blog pic. We won’t smirk because those shoes are so last year. We won’t care. And if someone does, that’s their problem. If they give you the evil sad eye because your hair isn’t done by a stylist from your private hotel room, they aren’t worth idolizing anyway.

Thank you Diana! Remind me of this as I’m pulling on shopped-from-my-closet outfits, k?! Can’t wait to give you an IRL hug next week! Read more from Diana at her blog, Hormonal Imbalances, & follow along with Diana’s BlogHer weekend on twitter as @LifeasaSAHM.

Don’t think this is my last BlogHer post. 😛 I’ve got one more up my sleeve as I do final preparations before next week. Did you stick with your budget? How’s your packing & schedule coming together?!

Going to BlogHer part five {guest post}

Welcome back to my Going to BlogHer, now what? series! {Did you miss Alena’s post about roommates?}

It’s getting to be crunch time, so I’m featuring Miranda from Not Super…Just Mom‘s post today. I was so happy when Miranda joined up with Alena & I as roomies then even more excited as I’ve gotten to know her online. After seeing her & hearing her sweet southern voice via Skype last week, I really can’t wait to meet her & I bet you already love her too, right?

In theory my head I am an awesome, seasoned traveler.

Staying in hotels (even the dumpy ones) is fun. The little soaps and shampoos and neatly folded towels! The freshly made beds every day! Free pens! Traveling is an adventure!

I sound eye-rolling ridiculous, right? Right. I know. ::sigh::

We didn’t travel much when I was a kid. If we did, it was from one corner of the state to the other to visit family. We never went on single family vacation. We never stayed in a hotel (except that time we lived in one…) It just wasn’t in the budget. Ever.

Since virtual reality machines don’t count, I’ve only been on a plane three times. (If you count round-trip flights as one ride, that is. Six times if you don’t. And eight if you count the plane changes on my Honeymoon.)

In just over two weeks from the time I’m writing this (Monday night, a full three days AFTER I said I’d have this done, in case you were wondering) I will be boarding a plane to head west to California. Farther west than I have ever been.

Despite any notions of adventure, I’m not accustomed to traveling and there are things about this adventure that terrify me.

Things like, should I leave my car at the park-and-ride for an entire weekend? Will it be safe?

Are the TSA agents going to laugh at my mom-flab when they see it on the scanner? Will I have to get all up-close-and-personal with one of them in the name of my protection?

I am also paralyzed with fear at the idea of taking my southern accent and pearl earrings across the Mississippi. I feel all country-mouse-goes-to-the-city when I think too much about this conference.

But the excitement of traveling to a new place is like crack that I just cannot quit.

That is how this whole BlogHer trip has become for me. Crack.

I’m excited to breathe new, Pacific-coast air. I’m excited to meet new people. I’m excited to attend parties and wear dresses! Hell, I’m mostly just excited to wear clothes that don’t have drool stains and toddler snot on the shoulder!

I’m excited to learn things about how I can do this whole blogging thing a little better than I am doing it now.

How many more days do I have?

I’m looking forward to that Pacific coast air too, Miranda & a hug from you in a week & a half! & no worries, BlogHer has become my crack too! Anyone else?!

Be sure to keep up with Miranda’s BlogHer {& other} adventures on her blog & also on twitter as @notsuperjustmom. & come back next Wednesday for my third roomie’s post!