I’m going to make this a two part-er. This part? Not the “treat” in Suz’s Treats. Quite the opposite. It’s tough & I don’t know how to say it, so I just am.

At our 18 week high resolution scan yesterday, the ultrasound tech first spotted babies A & B. She went initially to baby B, searched for a second, said the words that I can’t forget “I can’t seem to find a heartbeat”. Silly, naive me thought, look harder, baby B can be shy! She measured baby A’s head then went back to baby B & measured it’s head too. Then she told us while baby A’s measured over 18 weeks, baby B stopped growing around 15 weeks 4 days. She tried finding any blood flow in or out & there was none.

She moved on to the scans of babies A & C; I was too in shock & too scared to say anything but Jason asked the question I was afraid to: what was going on with baby B?! She said something along the lines of it didn’t make it. I asked & she told us that baby B had been a girl.

She left the room {so I could change for her to check my cervix} & I just clung to husband & sobbed. She came back & then the doctor came in & he too seemed a bit in shock but was so awesome that I like him even more than before. To answer the question everyone seems to have, baby B’s small body is still there & will remain for the rest of this pregnancy.

So that’s the short of it. Our triplets are no longer triplets & I’m sad & for one of the first times ever, I’m kinda speechless.

I do want to thank my twitter friends for all their support yesterday {& today & everyday really}. It was amazing & so sweet to find 150+ replies after I tweeted about the loss of baby B. Y’all, love from family & friends, & the strength of prayer as well as babies A & C are helping us cope with this new turn of events.

Tomorrow, I’ll bring a treat {actually two!} back to Suz’s Treats & share photos & the sexes of our babies.