The Babies Are Coming

Imagine that phrase slightly louder & accompanied with ‘my water broke!’. That’s what my husband woke to from an afternoon nap Monday. What started off feeling like a tiny trickle while sitting at my desk at 3p, quickly became a gush in the bathroom that continued to gush everytime I stood horizontally. Coworkers grabbed a blanket, I called husband (sleeping) & reached the nurse who told me to come to L&D.

Remember that hospital bag that’s been unchecked off on our prebabies to do list; Jason packed it in record time while I sat on the toilet gushing. A quick goodbye to Moekitty, water bottle banana & Where She Went thrown in my purse & a hand towel between my legs, we were on our way.

We arrived at UNC around 430; I was wheelchaired right up to L&D triage (Id been there before remember). They went to do the same ‘is her water broke’ test & it was such an obvious yes they didn’t test further. The on call ob noted my cervix was still closed. I was hooked up to heartbeat monitors (babies sounded great), contraction monitor (nothing there) & they did a quick, basic ultrasound which showed Lucy still living large transverse up top with tons of fluid while Zachary was super head down with less water. Aka he started this party! I hadn’t been tested for group B Step yet so they did that in triage too.

Since I wasn’t in labor, I was admitted as a PPROM patient & have been making growing & keep inside babies my priority for the last few days. I’m not on strict bedrest; I can get up to use the bathroom, walk the room, shower (which I interestingly did yesterday) & have been encouraged to get wheelchaired off the floor. Yesterday afternoon Jason wheeled me down to Starbucks where we enjoyed drinking coffee & tea under an overhang tip it started raining (maybe our last one-on-one prebabies date?).

So far Tuesday & Wednesday went by uneventfully medically. Another MFM from mines’ group stops by around 8a. Our current goal is for me to try to grow these babies inside until 34 weeks (10 days from today). The risk of infection from ruputured sac vs born in the 32/33 week mark is better for them to stay inside til 34w. If I’m still pregnant next weekend, they’ll induce labor. I’ve signed the consent forms & thankfully all the MFMs are on board to try vaginal delivery of Z & what’s called a secondary breech extraction for L. My MFM happened to be at hospital yesterday so he stopped by. He said in his experience, once water is broken, babies typically arrive within 4-5 days which would be this weekend! Hes the MFM making rounds. & on call beginning fri night so that works out really well.

The routine since Mon night became IV of penicillin every four hours (just in case I do have GBS), as well as other antibiotics every eight hours to ward off infection to me &/or the babes. I’m also keeping on heartburn meds, iron & prenatal supplements & after getting less than 2 hours sleep Monday, they’ve given me ambian which works like a charm. I’m now done with the penicillin so no more IV. The do heartbeat & contraction monitoring twice a day (usually 9a & 9p) for 30 minutes. But our wiggle worm Z likes to make things interesting. So he’ll frequently roll or kick off the monitor & the sessions become more like an hour. I don’t mind though; their heartbeats are music to my ears.

My parents drove down Tuesday after mom leaving work a little early. My dad ended up staying & has been occupying the pull out chair/bed at nights so Jason can spend day here with me but sleep well at night (& try to clean our house some since were now very soon expecting guests & babies!

That’s the latest news for now. I’m trying to keep up on twitter when I can & have been sharing photos of the seriously fabulous food via instagram. I’m feeling very well taken care of my all the hospital staff. Thanks for the e-love & encouragement & prayers. We’ve been feeling them & I think its at least part of why I’ve been able to stay so calm.

Thirty Two Weeks

Our big venturing out this weekend was to see The Avenger’s Saturday afternoon. I took these photos that evening after a post-movie nap.

{Motherhood top & maternity capris}

How far along? 32w2d

Maternity clothes? Yes, absolutely. I threw on a super long normal top for a Target run Sunday & it looked pathetic. All maternity all the time.

Weight Gain? I’m up 45 pounds as of Thursday’s doctor’s appointment.

Stretch Marks? Yes, they’ve arrived for sure on my right side.

Sleep? Pretty decent with the Snoogle, an extra pillow at my back & another pillow between my knees.

Movement? Yes, we have night owls who definitely make their presence known.

Genders? Baby A, Zach, is a still a boy & C, Lucy, is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B; the right side of the belly is full of Baby A & the top of the belly is full of Baby C. It’s clear to me that Baby B would’ve been on the bottom left & the belly is soft there instead. As we’re getting really ready for A & C’s so soon arrivals, I know that while we could’ve handled three babies, God had other plans for us, & we continue to focus on being the best parents to L & Z as we possibly can.

Food cravings? Fruit, fries, grilled cheese.

Food aversion? I think those are gone. Although much to Husband’s chagrin, his favorite Chipolte still doesn’t sound good.

Labor signs? I think I’ve started experiencing BH contractions but no real ones or other labor signs.

Belly button in or out? It’s in but just barely. I’m guessing it’ll be a tiny outie before these babes arrive.

What I’m Looking Forward to? A girls’ night dinner tonight. A dentist appointment Thursday morning that I never thought I’d make it to pregnant. Attending my first LLL meeting Thursday night. Another relaxing weekend ahead.

Symptoms? In light of my dear friend Diana’s loss last week, I’ve been feeling emotional about this pregnancy & really trying to take all the crazy, crappy results of experiencing 32 weeks with multiples in stride. Swollen feet, exhaustion, belly discomfort, moodiness & heartburn, I’ll take it & appreciate it for what it means ~ growing big, healthy babies.

Weekly Wisdom? Appreciate what you have. Be prepared because you never know when these babes will make their appearance {hospital bag will be packed this week}.

Milestones? Baby Center has photo & facts for twins this week ~ it says the babies’ fingernails & toenails have grown in & they also have peach fuzz hair.

Almost Finished Nursery

I alluded to our nursery being almost complete when I showed y’all how much has been checked off our pre-babies to-do list.

But I thought I’d share a few of the photos I took last weekend of the babies’ nursery.

The walls were painted green about a month ago thanks to my parents & aunt. Jason & his mom put together the two cribs & the dresser/changer. We also added the rocker/recliner last weekend.The drawers of the dresser/changer are still empty & I don’t think what’s in the bins will stay that way. Also I’ve stacked a few things in the cribs like the mobiles, breast feeding pillows & the little accessories that we’ll put in the tall/skinny chest my parents’ are bringing down along with the other mattress in two weeks.Ours is not a pinterest perfect nursery, but over-the-top, super expensive is not our style, nor in the cards for us. And I’m totally okay with that. I’ll post photos again in a couple weeks as things are more in their final places.

Guilt & Gratefulness

These two emotions have dominated at certain times throughout this pregnancy. Guilt, for all those still fighting the infertility battle. I’ve been there, I know how rough it is & my heart is thinking those who are continuing to struggle to make a complete family.

Guilt, for my three friends who’ve lost both of their identical twin babies while I’ve been pregnant. Three y’all. How unfair & awful is that?! I think of & pray for peace & love & strength on M, Amy & most recently Diana daily.

Guilt, that while I have experienced loss this year with our Baby B, we still are growing two beautiful healthy babies. & I think why me & not them?!

That’s what leads to the most dominate emotion: gratefulness. It’s seriously lead the way for 31w5d. Grateful for those first two pink lines, the doctors who’ve all been amazingly supportive, the ultrasound techs who go above & beyond to point out all that the babies are doing, our families for being the best cheerleaders, our friends for their generosity & excitement for us.

And the babies themselves. We’re so grateful to L & Z already. For making us parents-to-be. For showing off a little at the ultrasound Thursday morning. For Z showing us he can make a huge yawn. L for being sleepy & not a morning person {like her Mom already}. For L’s full bladder. Both for showing us healthy heartbeats & that they’re practicing breathing even now. For Z being a guestimated 3lb15oz & L at 4lb6oz. For measuring ahead & making all my eating & discomfort more than worth it.

Z is back head down {with hands & one foot by his face Thurs morning}! With him in vertex position & our MFM thinking he’ll stay that way, I’m so grateful that vaginal delivery is not only once again an option but now my doctor’s & our plan. As the time of their births gets closer, I’ll share & expand on this more, but for now, I’ll leave you with a few photos. Turns out the tech didn’t get any good ones of L who’s transverse & facing in, but here’s a side profile of Z & one of his head measurement with his hands & a foot beside it.

Thirty One Weeks

While my husband & mother-in-law put together nursery furniture this weekend {did you see how much is now checked off our to-do list?}, I rested & actually remembered to take photos on the 31 week day. I’ll post on the photos I took of the almost finished nursery later this week. For now, here’s me & the babies at 31w. I’m wearing the same top I did in my ten week update; the belly’s just a little bigger now, huh?!

{Gap maternity top & motherhood jeans}

How far along? 31w2d

Maternity clothes? Yes, & using husband’s T-shirts to sleep in as even my L ones no longer fit around the belly.

Weight Gain? I was weighed at the doctor a week & a half ago & I was up 43 pounds. Husband thinks I haven’t gained much more as I’m running out of space for food.

Stretch Marks? Yes, they’ve arrived.

Sleep? Still so thankful for the Snoogle & heartburn perscription that are helping me sleep now.

Movement? Yes, while they’re still most active in the evenings, I’m feeling kicks & punches during the day sometimes too.

Genders? Baby A, Zach, is a still a boy & C, Lucy, is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B always. As noted at our maternity photo session Sunday, I can’t cross my legs. Crossing at the ankle is possible but kinda uncomfortable. Also miss wearing my wedding rings but being too frugal to go buy cheap fake ones.

Food cravings? I’ve eaten a lot of strawberries this week. Topping angel food cake & strawberry ice ceam with them as well as eating them on their own. Also have had PB&J {with squeezable grape jelly} almost every weekday for lunch for two weeks & it’s good!

Food aversion? I think those are gone. 🙂

Labor signs? Still none. I actually don’t think I’ve felt BH contractions either {which appears to be weird since I think they’re supposedly happening?}.

Belly button in or out? It’s an innie but a tiny corner on the bottom right side is starting to pop out.

What I’m Looking Forward to? My doctor’s appointment Thursday which is both a high resoltution growth scan ultrasound & an appt to check my stats. Hopefully all will go smoothly & we’ll both be there & be able to cover some questions we have with our MFM. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Z is now positioned. I have a feeling he’s no longer breech, but we’ll see for sure Thursday. I’m excited to see the proofs from yesterday’s maternity photo session. It was a last minute idea, but very fun! We have zero plans the next two weekends; I’m looking forward to resting & getting a few things done around the house.

Symptoms? Most annoying is my swollen feet. But I continuously remind myself how grateful I am to be pregnant in the first place & still pregnant at 31w. Ha! Funny story~ we figured out Friday night that I no longer can eat at a booth at Outback. The belly sticks out too far for me to fit!

Weekly Wisdom? Nesting instincts are real. My desire to have things ready for the babies weeks & weeks before they could arrive seemed a little wild even to me, but the husband agreed last night that it’s so nice to have all the furniture & big items taken care of so that we can relax & just finish up the little stuff before they arrive. Also, pregnant ladies, don’t feel bad sitting on the couch reading with your feet up while your hubby puts together furniture! Take advantage while you can!

Milestones? This week Baby Center tells me the babies are getting ready for a growth spurt & are filling out due to fat! 🙂