Thirty Weeks

I was tired after we got home from childbirth class Saturday & took a nap instead of photos. Yesterday, it was rainy & gross & I didn’t love my outfit so no photos either. Post-work, 30 week pregnant Suz…

{Gap maternity tunic turned top, Motherhood khakis}

How far along? 30w2d

Maternity clothes? Yes & even discovered this weekend that a few maternity tops are getting too short…

Weight Gain? I was weighed at the doctor Thursday. Up 43 pounds.

Stretch Marks? Yep. Lotioning up almost everyday but I think they’re just gettin’ bigger.

Sleep? Thanks to my new Snoogle & heartburn med perscription, much better. Although leg cramps kicked my butt left calf this weekend.

Movement? Yes. & this morning Z did something big. I kinda feel like he might’ve flipped back head down because it hurt kinda bad in the process {enough that I had to go lay down to catch my breathe}. And now I’m feeling kicks/punches in different places from him. She seems content transverse & gives me little kicks on the left side, punches in the middle & head nods in my right ribs to let me know.

Genders? Baby A, Zach, is a still a boy & C, Lucy, is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B always. Cute summer shoes. Sitting comfortably.

Food cravings? I’ve once again gone through a lot of cereal this past week.

Food aversion? I think those are gone.

Labor signs? Still none. Bake another couple weeks babes!

Belly button in or out? It’s still an innie. Just barely.

What I’m Looking Forward to? We went to check out some rocker/recliners this weekend. Looking forward to having a big comfy chair for us & the babies. Hospital tour on Wednesday. MIL coming this weekend to help build & then set up nursery furniture.

Symptoms? Swollen feet & ankles got bad at the end of last week. Crazy huge marshmellow feet that tingled all the way up to my calves. Luckily the cooler weather of the past couple of days has the swelling at bay.

Weekly Wisdom? We went to a lot of pre-babies classes last week. It think it was great for us both & I really loved watching husband soak in the info then us talking about it later. We considered not taking childbirth or breastfeeding classes since they’re mostly focused on singletons, but I’m so glad we did. We also heard/saw the babies twice last week. Once at the hospital L&D Tues night with dopplers & then very briefly on ultrasound Thursday to get positions & heartbeats. We see/hear them so often that it’s almost routine but we try to remember that each time is cool & special.

Milestones? This week in the pregnancy starts with a 3 y’all! 30 weeks!! Baby Center says the babies should be around 3 pounds {but we know that’s what they were 2 weeks ago} & around 15.7 inches long. Baby Center talks about eye sight getting better this week too.

My New BFF

As soon as I announced my pregnancy, a few friends proclaimed, “get you a Snoogle!”. I looked it up on Amazon & brushed off spending $50+ on a body pillow.

Then I became 28 weeks pregnant & was sleeping in 1 hour spurts surrounded by 5+ pillows, behind my head, propping up my shoulders, between my legs, by my hips & on either side for belly & back support. It was getting ridiculous. Husband had no room in bed & I was still uncomfortable.

At childbirth class last Saturday, another pregnant momma-to-be mentioned loving her Snoogle. Jason googled it this time & said $50 is worth it if it helps you sleep. I still said no on Saturday evening. Then slept rough Saturday & Sunday nights before emailing him Monday morning & saying “I give in, Amazon prime that shit”.

The Snoogle arrived Tuesday afternoon {right before we headed off to the hospital for our PTL scare}, & I whipped it out of the package Tuesday night. I’m not sure who loves it more, Jason {who has more room in bed}, Moekitty {who loves sleeping up against it}, or me. I think me since I’ve been sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches since having it in bed. My favorite position is having it under my shoulders, resting one arm under & one arm above it, the belly on it, & having the curvy parts in between & under my legs. Even if I only use it for the next 7 weeks or less, it’s money well spent.


Snoogle & Amazon have no idea who I am. While it would’ve been awesome for them to provide it to me; they didn’t & this is just my own glowing opinion.

Class Filled Week

Nothing like getting it all in within a week or two right? The fact that we hadn’t taken any get-ready-for-babies classes snuck up on me, then I was in a rush to get them done before they arrive. So that meant that instead of spacing them out a little, we’ve been bombarded this week with information.

Last Saturday, we had our first of two childbirth classes. We learned relaxation techniques that I’m hoping Jason will carry on doing at home, preterm & regular labor signs {that we already put into practice Tuesday night}, & the first couple stages of labor. We watched some birthing videos that thankfully had been done recently & weren’t shocking to see since I’d already had us watch The Business of Being Born a couple months ago. We go back tomorrow for our final class tomorrow where we’ll cover the pushing stage of labor as well as complications & interventions.

Tuesday we had an unoffical hospital tour when my paranoia, mixed with us being first time parents-to-be, meant we took a trip to L&D. We have our offical hospital tour next Wednesday night.

Wednesday night, we went to breastfeeding class at the hospital close by after the class at the hospital we’re delivering cancelled their class. It worked out well that it was only 10 minutes away & I believe we learned much of the same information as we would have at the other hospital. We chatted about the benefits {most I already knew}, watched a video {I think the first time I’d ever fully ‘seen’ breastfeeding in action}, then practiced holds with baby dolls. Holding two babies in the football hold made it pretty real y’all. I’m literally going to have my hands full breastfeeding! Jason was a great support in class, & I think the class really got him on board with what all breastfeeding entails & why I’m all for it.

I am planning to attend a few local LLL meetings {I’ve heard there’s a twin mom leader in town} as well as maybe meeting one on one with a LC at our delivering hospital {if I still have questions}. I’m also reading Mothering Multiples to get as much multiple breastfeeding knowledge in as I can before they arrive.

Last night I went to a local baby boutique & took a cloth diapering class. I wasn’t sure how biased it’d be in regards to pushing just what they sell {it kinda was}. I felt like through blog reading, chatting with CDing moms, & doing my own research, I knew a fair amount. The class confirmed what I knew & yet was still helpful. Seeing all the flats, fitteds, covers, hybrids, AIOs, & pockets laid out next to each other, passed around & compared really helped me get what’s what & the benefits & drawbacks of each. I’m even more excited than before to start cloth diapering the babies.

I think thanks to a few cloth diapering mom friends, we’re set with fitteds & prefolds for the babies {at least while they’re little}. I’m still working on getting enough covers & figuring out if we want to mix in a few more pockets & AIOs. I’m doing my first cloth diaper laundrying {for our brand new diapers & covers} this weekend. Wish me luck! I’ll probably share how that goes next week.

What’s left to go to class for? I don’t know; maybe nothing?! I know for tonight at least, I’ll be on the couch resting with my marshmallow feet propped up catching up on our new AT&T Uverse DVR. Have a great weekend y’all!

Our Uneventfully Eventful Evening

So last night we spent an hour & a half at the hospital’s labor & delivery department. Only to thankfully return home around 1130p. Long story short, everything is fine with me & the babies & I’m not in preterm labor.

But that’s not what this slightly-paranoid-first-time-mom was thinking all day yesterday. This is TMI, but what’s blogging about IF & pregnancy if it’s not TMI?! Monday night, I had some discharge that was thicker & different than what I’ve been experiencing. In my half asleep haze, I sortamaybekinda wondered if that could possibly be part of my mucus plug. But I shook off that thought & went back to sleep.

All day yesterday though, my discharge was very liquidy ~ clear, odorless, not a ton, but enough to make me pause. At 4p, I decided to mention it to the husband by text, tell a few coworkers & text a friend. All said to call doctor, so I paged the nurse line. I never heard back from them & don’t have an after hours number {on my list for our next appt}. I went home, laid on the couch with a towel under me & ended up falling asleep. An hour later {around 7p}, Husband called on the way home from work. I sat up, felt a little more escape & some lower pain from sitting up quick.

We ate dinner speedily & decided that even though I was 90% sure I was fine, that we’d regret it if that 10% ended up happening. I changed into comfy clothes, grabbed my insurance card & hospital id info, my barely charged cell, a book, jug of water & off we went to the hospital. On the way over, we were a mix of quiet & talking about what we’d do if this was it & I was going to be put in the hospital the remainder of the pregnancy.

Our hospital tour is scheduled for next Wednesday night. So we didn’t really know where to go, but the nice lady at the front desk of the women’s hospital sent me right up to 4th floor L&D while Jason went to park the van. They checked me in, went to grab my chart from my doctor’s practice & a nurse walked me into my triage room. I changed into a hospital gown {& *almost* took a photo in the bathroom mirror ~ ever the blogger} then they attached monitors for the babies heart beats. What an awesome noise hearing them both steadily beating away! They attached another one on the belly to see if I was having contractions {I wasn’t} & said we needed to monitor these for at least 30 mins.

Jason arrived soon after & we quietly listened to the heartbeats & the machine noises. A resident came in & I told him what I’d been feeling. He asked about breastfeeding {I said yes} & our plans for post-babies birth control {really?!}. Then said the OB would be right in to check me & do swab tests. A few minutes later, she appeared, again super nice, entered a speculum & took three q-tip swabs from my cervix area. She said based on the look of things, I was still closed & not leaking but she wanted to look under microscope to be sure.

Everything tested fine. No contractions, bleeding, or broken water leaking. They sent us home without restrictions & with plans to keep our regularly scheduled MFM appointment tomorrow.

I now have a few more questions for my MFM, a little more hospital experience & the knowledge that we need to pack a mini hospital bag {with a cell phone charger!} just in case this happens again sooner than later. Pretty sure we’re both motivated to get our house in order & that to-do list checked off just in case it’s the real thing next time!

Twenty Nine Weeks

I took these photos after we got home from childbirth class Saturday.

{Gap maternity top, Motherhood full-panel! shorts}

How far along? 29w3d

Maternity clothes? Yes, except for the occasional longer top I squeeze into.

Weight Gain? I haven’t been weighed in a couple weeks, but I think closing in on 40 lbs.

Stretch Marks? Yep. Definitely on right side & few dots growing on left side. I’m lotioning like crazy, but I don’t think that’ll help much.

Sleep? Grrr. Not great this week between heartburn, sore pelvic bone & hips, & getting up to pee. I brushed off the suggestions for a Snoogle months ago but gave in yesterday morning & we ordered one off Amazon. Hopefully it’ll help with above & to get rid of a few of the 5+ pillows I’ve been sleeping with.

Movement? Yes. Although since Z flipped head up, I feel him less & L much more.

Genders? Baby A, Zach, is a still a boy & C, Lucy, is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B always. Ability to eat whatever without paying for it later with heartburn. My old spring/summer wardrobe.

Food cravings? Harris Teeter blueberry muffins were on sale last week. I sent Jason back Saturday for a second box. Guess that counts as a craving right?

Food aversion? None really. Although cooking doesn’t sound great.

Labor signs? None, thankfully. and we know more of them since our first childbirth class!

Belly button in or out? Still in but beginning to be able to see the end of it.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Checking things off the to do list. Our upcoming classes {breastfeeding, cloth diapering & childbirth} this week. Our appointment Thursday with the MFM.

Symptoms? Think of a pregnancy symptom. I’ve probably got it. I said I wanted to experience it all since I’m only going to be pregnant once. I guess meant it! 😛

Weekly Wisdom? Gather & learn all the knowledge you can. Then take it & make decisions best for your family together with your partner.

Milestones? We passed the 28w1d mark and have flown into 29w. Baby Center says at 29 weeks the babies weigh 2.5 lbs, but we know from the 28 week appt that our “big” babies are already more than that {yay!}. Their brains {& thus heads} are growing & bones are soaking up calcium {good thing I’m loving cereal, yogurt & cheese sticks}.

Prebabies To Do List

Since y’all can keep & hold me accountable, I thought I’d post this list here. It’ll also help my pregnant brain remember! I’m sure there’s more we need to add, but it’ll be nice to be able to follow up & virtually check things off this list! 7 weeks to go until our 36 week goal date! We got a few things accomplished this weekend, so I’m updating it already!

Sell 3 2 vehicles. Get Jason new car.

Remove computer & desk from nursery. Have TWC or AT&T fix internet spot {Wednesday}.

Put together & set up cribs in nursery. Set up dresser/changing table. Put diapers & sleepers in it.

Wash remaining blankets, crib pads, wash cloths, hooded towels & organize linen closet.

Trip to Buy Buy Baby: Buy second crib mattress, changing pad covers & crib tent.

Move den changing table to final location. Make room for hand-me-down rocker in den. Remove pile of baby things in corner. Put 3 mo clothes bins on top of babies closet. Move organizer into that corner. Set up packnplay in our room.

Clean out garage. Make place for second frig/freezer in garage.

Put carseats in van. Get ok’d from fire station.

Organize nursery making room for skinny chest from Mom & Dad’s. Put tiny baby stuff {socks, mittens, pants, shorts, bloomers} in that chest. Make room for & purchase glider for nursery {started looking this weekend}.

Set up video monitor. Buy second video monitor camera {Trip to Babies R Us}?

Childbirth class 4/14 & 4/21

Breastfeeding class 4/18. Finish reading Mothering Multiples. Attend LLL meeting?

Cloth Diaper class 4/19. Wash new cloth diapers. Buy few more cloth diaper covers.

Pack hospital bag.

Just a few things to do in the next couple weeks right?! 😛